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Data Engineer

We are looking for an experienced data engineer to be responsible for the design, development and maintenance of large data collection and processing systems at Brave. This position will focus on scaling our backend systems to handle the increased load of data collection, processing and presentation.


  • The position would primarily work with the statistics and engineering teams, along with day to day communication with the product and marketing team.
  • Design and develop AWS systems to collect and manage business events at scale.
  • Respond to request from the product, engineering and marketing team for timely data analysis.
  • Participate in multi-team planning for future data collection needs.


Strong AWS skills with extensive knowledge of the data collection, storage and processing systems that AWS provides. Experience building ETL pipelines at scale.

Familiarity with Redshift, Kinesis, Athena, Glue, Data Pipeline, MongoDB, Postgresql.

Strong JavaScript and SQL skills.

Extensive knowledge of modern open source software develop practices and tools i.e. Git, Github, Unit and integration testing, pull requests, code review etc…

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