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Words. You love ‘em.

You write them with ease and panache. You even know what panache means. You either cherish or despise the Oxford comma. You know the difference between en and em dashes. And, after you write a damn good sentence, sometimes you say to yourself, “That’s a damn good sentence.”

As our new Copywriter, you must be a master of the written word, but you’ll also need to adapt your style to fit a variety of industries. You’ll work with our Marketing Team to strategize and write content for emails, blogs, social posts, digital ads, videos, and more. On top of all that, you’ll help us write killer content for the TrendyMinds brand.

If you’re salivating right now, this Copywriter position might be for you.

One big note: You must be able to work at our Indianapolis office. This is not a remote or virtual position.

Another big note: If your résumé has spelling errors, better luck next time.

Here’s a snapshot (but not all) of your responsibilities:
  • Write good. If you didn’t cringe at that, this position ain’t for you.
  • Stay alert. Keep a keen eye for detail in every client project. We expect you to catch errors during our review process.
  • Brew ideas. Bring your ideas to the table. This isn’t a plug-and-chug writing job, ya dig?
  • Focus on the audience. It’s all about people, people! Based on the target audience, you should be able to shift your style and message to tap into readers’ emotions and drive action.
  • Know SEO. You have SEO and content strategy experience.
  • Explain yourself. In our world, every word matters. Write with passion and purpose, and have a reason for the words you choose.
  • Hone your craft. Develop and track personal goals that are tied to overall company objectives — and always keep your personal growth in mind.
  • Push forward. Be eager about learning and improving, even when our team and clients critique your work.
  • Smile. This is supposed to be fun, unlike morose Russian literature.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Preferred 2 years of copywriting experience in a marketing or related role
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, communications, English, creative writing, or related field
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