glassdoor sales-marketing [contract & remote] android obsessed technical writer

[Contract & Remote] Android Obsessed Technical Writer

If you are a technical writer who loves diving into the intricate details of Android smartphones, Gadget Hacks wants you on our team.

If you research every feature of each new Android version, and if you're passionate about Google's mobile OS or one of its OEM skins, we want to talk to you.

Gadget Hacks is looking for Android-obsessed technical writers to expand our team. Our writers dedicate themselves to solving pain points people are having and finding new ways to enhance Android itself with apps and mods.

Our readers look to us for easy-to-understand guides on rooting every major phone, installing Magisk, TWRP, and so on. We're also their source for new undiscovered apps that add functionality to phones without root. If there's a problem that's affecting a bunch of users on a certain OS version or phone model, we're there to offer a fix.

To put it simply, if you're a big Android fanatic not just a fan of a particular brand, but of the whole ecosystem you could be a great fit at Gadget Hacks.


  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the Android community.
  • Research and pitch ideas, write stories promptly, enter work into our system, and take pictures and screenshots to illustrate the story.
  • Write engaging, original tech copy that's clear, understandable, correctly formatted, and grammatically correct.
  • You'll need to respond to edits and make revisions promptly.
  • Perform research in developer-geared forums and help sites to perform advanced troubleshooting, find the right nomenclature for your stories, and to better explain the inner workings of topics covered.


  • Well-versed in the smartphone landscape: Knowledge of brands, operating systems, skins, apps, history.
  • Experience rooting and modding phones.
  • Have a bounty of ideas that fit our unique approach, style, and audience.
  • Incredible attention to detail and top-notch writing skills, including the ability to edit your work and check your facts before submission.
  • Experience writing tech content, especially an interest in producing shorter-form content for consumers (not manuals or other technical documentation).
  • Ability to take critical feedback and use it to improve.

Bonus Points:

  • Technical background or knowledge.
  • Discovers bugs and pain points and solves them. You're likely the person that people come to when they have phone problems.
  • Already spends time on smartphone forums (Reddit, XDA) and news sites (GSMArena, Android Authority).
  • Journalism or a technical writing degree.
  • Comfort with working from home.
  • Ability to decompile and analyze APKs to find new features hidden in the code.
  • Familiarity with Github and AOSP for scanning new commits to see changes to Android before they're pushed to the public.


  • Freelancer writers at Gadget Hacks set their schedules and work from home.
  • We use Slack and a few other programs to communicate and track pitches and drafts.
  • You get to play with smartphones all day, including potentially getting demo units or company-owned phones and attending phone release events.

To Apply:

  • Send a cover letter detailing your interest in the position along with your resume and application.

About Us:

Gadget Hacks is a fast-growing smartphone how-to site offering the latest and greatest news, tips, tricks, guides, and comparisons. As a sister site to WonderHowTo, the Gadget Hacks brand has been around for years. But since 2017, we've been investing in evolving Gadget Hacks into a destination in its own right by growing our readership and adding new writers to our roster.

Our aim is to be the best, most thorough, and most honest smartphone guide on the market helping people find the best phone for how they use it, and give them all the tools, news, how-tos, and fun mods and hacks to make it unique to them and get it working its best.

We're continually looking for new ways to make phones better at doing our favorite things: Whether it's listening to music and podcasts, watching Netflix and Hulu, or being more productive. That means we spend a lot of time testing out new apps and comparing our old favorites to see which are best and explaining why while telling our readers about the latest and greatest features and updates.

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