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Humbly Confident Product Designer

Posted Sep 19 – Accepting applications

YNAB is growing, and so is our product design team. We’re a software ecosystem that includes personal finance apps for web, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones. If you’re the one we’re looking for, you have experience in designing great interfaces and experiences for most of those platforms. More important, you’re a designer who views your job as that of problem solver. You come to the table not only with a knack for interaction design and love of logical UI patterns, but also with a deep empathy for people. We design our software to fit our users more than our fancy, and you love nothing more than digging through (or conducting!) research that leads the way in the design process. You’ve been around the block a few times and know what it means to design a mature, evolving product. 

Requirements (these are real, actual requirements): 

  • You must have at least 3 years of experience working in product design at a software company. Complex or data-rich applications are a plus.
  • Experience in designing applications for both web and mobile (in your cover letter, please include the platforms for which you have designed and your level of experience with them). 
  • We are looking for a designer who has a strong background in UX and usability but who also can design UI independently. This is a truly mixed position where you will be responsible for activities traditionally held in the “UX” and “UI” wheelhouses. And a user-testing/research wheelhouse, too. (Can you have three wheelhouses? Are they still wheelhouses? Yes, sometimes we do philosophical tangents, too.)

That’s a super-brief intro of what you’ll be working on. But first, you need to know if you’ll even like working with us. We think you will. 

A Bit About Us

We build YNAB (or “You Need a Budget” if you have a lot of extra time on your hands), the best budgeting software around. For more than a decade, people have been buying YNAB and then telling their friends what a difference it has made in their lives. ( [1] by 11:59PM on Oct 3rd, 2019. Firm. It’s a real deadline. Like, after it is too late.

  • Attach a pdf of your cover letter. In your cover letter:
    • Introduce yourself and explain why this position is of interest to you, and why you would be a great fit. 
    • We love a designer with a perspective. What’s yours? Feel free to touch on your beliefs on how design should be done, what it’s used for, or why it’s important. 
  • Please include a portfolio that contains the following: 
    • Design work across web and mobile 
    • Your design process (wireframes, interviews, architecture documentation)
    • Links to any live work. 
    • Please state the role you played on each project.
  • If you have a prepared resume, attach it in PDF form. If you don’t have a resume because you aren’t even sure you’re looking to change jobs, that’s fine! An informal list of your work and education history are all we’re looking for.


P.S.  If you’re not interested in or available for this position, but know someone who might be, we would really appreciate it if you passed this along!

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