sales-marketing wanted: enthusiastic problem-solver to be our customer experience captain

Wanted: Enthusiastic problem-solver to be our Customer Experience Captain

Hi there, 

My name’s Kathryn and I’m Managing Producer at Course Concierge. We produce and market online courses for NYT best-selling authors, TED speakers, social media authorities and those with something to say. 

We’re looking for someone who loves helping people to become our Customer Experience Captain. 

Would you love to manage various support inboxes for an exciting range of online courses?

Do you thrive helping and interacting with people?

Do you love learning new things and having variety in your work?

If so, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

We’re seeking someone who:

  • Enjoys writing (with great attention to detail – all our communication with customers, and most internally, is written)

  • Is empathetic and enjoys helping people 

  • Is passionate about giving the best possible support to customers

  • Can be depended upon to manage a diverse range of support inboxes 

You will become an integral member of our team and work in a role that blends customer care, problem-solving, and helping to create top-notch online courses for experts from an ever-widening range of fields. 

The quality of our support to date has been instrumental in our company’s client acquisition (clients being so impressed by our support team they’ve then referred others to us), so it’s of utmost importance to us to continue to uphold our high standards.

Our clients are the best in their field – true experts who have something incredible to share. In captaining our support team, you’ll become part of their team and be responsible for representing their brands. It’s important you’re able to wear many hats and adopt the right tone and style for each. 

In most companies, we have observed (sadly), support becomes an island off the coast of the rest of the company. The rest of the team doesn't interact much with support, and there’s a breakdown of respect and quality. This is deeply discouraging when it happens, and we’ve strived to do things differently.

We’re looking for someone who can enthusiastically keep “customer experience” (our branding of customer support) at the heart of what we do. 

You will be encouraged to ask anyone on the team at all for anything you need, and to bring your ideas and learnings from customer interactions to the table. This close-knit relationship is of such importance to us that two and a half years into the company, anyone in support can still readily contact a co-founder of the company – who regularly still helps draft and edit tricky responses. 

We’ll be counting on you both to serve our customers, and keep customers at the forefront of all other team members’ minds. 

Key responsibilities of the role

  • Managing our support inboxes (for which we use HelpScout) and replying to customer emails

  • Working with our designers, developers, copywriters, and producers to find solutions, fix bugs, and ever-improve our courses

  • Managing and moderating course Facebook groups (and suggesting means by which we can improve them)

  • Sharing great testimonials and feedback with the team

  • Drafting updates to clients on course members’ progress

  • Checking and approving project submissions from course members (this could be anything from woodworking projects to entrepreneurship – the variety you’ll experience day-to-day will be a joy to anyone who’s used to serving just one type of customer) 

  • Writing template responses for course launches (so we’re ready to serve hundreds of customers in a short time span)

  • Keeping the team in the loop during launches with daily message board updates

  • Proofreading and loading content onto our WordPress sites

  • Editing audio files (we want someone who we can throw challenges like this at, who perhaps despite not having experience with editing, will be savvy enough to figure it out)

  • Quality Assurance checks on signup flows and members’ areas

  • Pitching in where needed with other activities that keep our systems running (for which we’ll provide suitable training)

We’re champions of making sure customers have a great experience with us, from a warm first welcome, to being a helping hand throughout, and providing words of encouragement and congratulations when they’re needed. 


The position will start at 30–40 hours per week, and quickly build into being a full-time role. 

We will need you to be available between 10am–7pm ET Monday–Friday, and you will be required to work two weekends a month 11am–8pm ET (with days off during the following week to make up for it). 

We are a remote company, and so you can be based anywhere that will sustainably allow you to work these hours – but with timezones, North/South America is likely preferable. 

To apply, simply write back to [email protected] with a short note on why you think you would be a fit for the role.

Applicants from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. Please do not include a CV of any kind – we don’t mind where you went to school (or even that you went), just that you love helping people. 

Our deadline for responses is September 29th. We’re still a small team and so won’t be able to get back to everyone. We’ll aim to get back to all candidates we’d like to explore the possibility of working with no later than October 4th. 

Thanks for reading, best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you, 


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