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Marketing Director

You love marketing. You love advertising. You love copywriting. And you understand the quantitative certainty of direct response. What you don't love though is bureaucracy, red tape, and institutions steeped so deep in BS that even the awesome and well-meaning people who work there can't bust through.

You want to be a part of a new kind of company. One where things don't move so goddamn slowly. You want the security of a paycheck, but the time and creative freedom of an entrepreneur.

You aren't afraid of hitting a monthly quota and managing to KPIs. In fact, you are almost giddy at the thought of having a huge budget and being judged on your performance knowing numbers don't lie.

The Director of Marketing is a critical role within the high-volume, most highly competitive environment at The Author Incubator. Over 10,000 completed applications are reviewed each year with a max enrollment of just 400. The role handles both lead-generation to get those 10,000+ applications, as well as managing the sales and marketing efforts needs to fill our program.

The person in this key role will provide innovative, kick-ass leadership in designing and executing our lead gen campaigns; making data-driven, evidence-based optimization decisions; converting the top 3-4% of leads to clients; while inspiring the sales team to work collaboratively in achieving enrollment goals.

The Director must be adept at promoting opportunities, as well as bringing forth recommendations for new recruitment ideas, marketing strategies, and programs that match our mission, resources, and market demand. The Director will be required to travel and work hours will include frequent evenings and weekends.

The Sales and Marketing team includes a workforce of 4 marketing and 4 sales professionals across two countries and three time zones. Team members will be located in Washington DC, Texas, Los Angeles, Kentucky, Florida, and Poland.

The Author Incubator is the premier continuing-education provider for non-fiction authors with classes coverings all aspects of writing, publishing, and promoting books. Our company was named the 275th fastest growing private company in America (INC 5000). We were named the 60th Best Privately-owned Businesses in America by Entrepreneur Magazine and our CEO was named by EY as a finalist in their Entrepreneur of the Year competition for 2018. The Author Incubator is 100% privately-owned (single owner) with 38 employees.

And at The Author Incubator, we believe magic is real. It's our mission to amplify the voices of magic-makers by healing them to write, publish, and promote their non-fiction books.

Currently, we have an immediate opening for a Marketing Director. We want a full-time employee and we'd love you to be local but for the right candidate, you can be remote (east coast time zone a plus). You will have the option to work from our office, from home, or a combination of both.

Except when there are meetings, you will have control of your time. This isn't a 40 hour a week job - it's a 1,000 hour a week job (there are 1,000 hours in a week, right?) but the good news is - you set the hours and there is a ton of flexibility for your other life loves and responsibilities.

We're looking for someone with demonstrated experience in online ad buying, managing an agency, writing marketing copy for online direct response marketing. Preferably in the coaching/consulting space, but we are happy to look at eCommerce copy experts with the understanding that the core concepts of copywriting are transferrable.

Your responsibilities:
  • Generate 100,000+ leads a year. If you have never done lead gen, this job is not for you. You will give away free books and webinars in exchange for email addresses. Our agency will do the technical stuff but you will need to write ads, manage the budget, and manage a $1M+ advertising budget and maintain approved CPA and CPLs
  • Generate 10,000+ sales appointments a year. You will work with our tech team using tools like Infusionsoft and HubSpot Sales to create and optimize marketing automation funnels to turn those leads into sales appointments. Oversee lead allocation and distribution among salespeople. Develop reports evaluating the performance and effectiveness of recruiting and sales events and activities. Analyze data to optimize conversions and revenue. Keep records of leads per sale, sales per week, and build data on team productivity
  • Generate 400 sales a year. You don't have to do the sales calls or train the sales team, but you do need to work with them to make sure they are getting the appointments and that 4% of the sales appointments set are turning into clients.
  • Manage all follow-up emails, including, but not limited to, auto responders in funnels and responses to a high volume of inquiries about topics such as program fees, results, informational events, the application process, etc.
  • Build our social media presence. Increase fans and followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Linked in. Create and execute an editorial calendar. Use social media to increase leads and sales appointments and to provide support to help sales hit their closing goals.
  • Complete all creative needs including design and branding requests, all website properties, and video production support delegating to team members and freelance contractors
  • Executing book launch events and marketing campaigns
  • Write high engagement Facebook ads, working with our digital marketing analyst to optimize our ad performance
  • Constantly monitoring our funnels and improving the performance of individual communications
  • Understand the secret code is 54 even though that might not make sense right now
  • Think quantitatively and strategically, always testing new copy concepts, designs, and other channels presenting results to management to in concise, readable, and action-oriented way

    Background essentials to mention in your cover letter include:
  • Demonstrated success in direct response marketing lead generation including managing ad budgets in the 6 and 7 figures.
  • Experience creating high-converting marketing copy
  • Exceptional skill with the nuances of social media writing, including the use of hashtags, emojis and acronyms
  • Testing/ROI orientation - ability to build spreadsheets and manage to the numbers
  • Solid understanding of SEO concepts preferred
Primary Location: Georgetown - Washington DC 20007 (Metro Accessible Foggy Bottom Metro Stop- 8 Blocks GWU and 8 blocks from Georgetown/Free Shuttle/Free Parking Provided). Sweet office with rooftop terrace for fresh air and a view of the Potomac and M St.

Here is how to get this gig:
  • To get us to open the email, you MUST put the secret code into the email subject line. If you don't have the secret code, please do not apply.
  • Dazzle us with the writing in your cover letter. Make sure it's clear you custom-wrote it for this job, that you checked out our website and social media, and you tell us why will you work harder than anyone else in this role should you get it? If you believe in soul contracts, give us some evidence that you believe we may have one.
  • Include your resume... sure... but know our primary focus will be on your cover letter. Resumes without detailed and specific, custom to us cover letters or videos will be thrown out unread.
  • Tell us your EXACT income expectations Your salary request here will help us to understand your expectations and if this is a place you would be happy. Before you answer - try to think like a CEO what would work for you and be a fair market price for this role. You'll be working closely with our CEO and when you do, it's important to that you are VERY precise in your communications so this is one way you will demonstrate your ability to be specific and to follow directions. Being vague in this area just sets up a concern that you're not going to be able to ask for what you really want later if you come on board. To be granted an interview you must share a specific number.
One more thing you should know about us before you apply. Our organization believes in diversity and equity. You know those 112 women and 117 People of Color in Congress now? Yup, still not nearly enough for us. We put muscle behind our values when it comes to building an inclusive community for staff and clients. We believe EQUITY (not just inclusion) is what really is required to dismantle racism and patriarchy. We are an LGBTQIA-affirming, interfaith-oriented organization that is committed to social justice - including women's rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. We believe Black Lives Matter. We encourage candidates to apply who share these commitments and who have a demonstrated capacity for creating inclusive organizations and working effectively across differences to support the success of an increasingly diverse clientele. (In other words, we don't work with racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic jerks.)

The Author Incubator is a pretty magical place to work. But don't listen to a job post, listen to our employees' anonymous reports on Glassdoor:

Here are a few of our favorites:
"I can't tell you how refreshing it is to work somewhere where the employees legitimately love their jobs. There are no arguments, no gossip, no backstabbing or corporate ladder climbing."

"This place is beyond incredible. Convention is abhorred, and there's absolutely every effort to avoid the kind of stifling dehumanization you get at any other job."

"One thing that sticks out is that this place is accepting of all diversity and is results-oriented! Love it!"

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