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Senior Full stack Developer to take Lead on Web app

  • Location: 100% Remote (the team is based in Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia)
  • Start date: ASAP
  • Hours: 20 to 30 hours a week, according to your expertise and availability.
  • Salary: Appropriate to the level of experience. Negotiable to your expectations.

Our company

We are a small company—9 people—who focuses on providing online solutions for sex workers. We strive to give them platforms and tools to help them stay independent so they can reach their goals much sooner (and hopefully retire, if that’s their wish).

Our web app (LAMP) is working on 2 countries serving 1.400 customers and 600.000 visitors. We are working on enlarging the team to open 4 more countries by 2020 first quarter.

The company is self-funded, we have been in the market for five years now and we’ve been profitable all the way. This is the result of passion for web development and care for our customers.


The project consists mainly on a custom made (PHP/JS) social network, using WordPress as the core for content management. Customers are able to create and manage accounts like they would on a site like Instagram.

Plus a few other extra functionalities, not only for customers but for customer service and admins as well.


While there are a lot of front end needs, most of the work will happen on the back end and private administrative sections.

The system is broken down into 18 modules, each as its own WordPress plugin.

We also rely on third party plugins for things such as image optimization, load speed and performance, cronjob handling, and the likes.

Our own theme handles mostly page templates and CSS.

The system is highly configurable and ready to be installed on different countries with different use cases.

We also have integrations with third parties for SMS notifications, and payment processing.

Developer Job Responsibilities

You will be taking the lead developer role in our company to replace our founder (me).

Besides keeping and eye over everything you’ll be improving existing features as well as creating new ones from start to finish.

You’ll also be helping us professionalizing things. The code is not the best, some things are rushed or patched. There isn’t any documentation explaining how the system works or which function does what. With time this may even result in re-designing and re-writing big chunks of code.

Expect to be spending some time learning how things work (of course you will have guidance along the way).

When the work load deserves it, we can talk about hiring junior devs to work with you.

Developer Job Duties

  • The position requires constant communication with colleagues.
  • Expertise and hands on experience with software development is needed to be successful in this position
  • Must be willing to learn LAMP and WordPress.
  • Strong grasp of CSS3.
  • Regular exposure to company management, as well as the authority and scope to apply your expertise to many interesting technical problems.

Your application

This is one of the most important roles in our company. If you’re ready to handle the responsibility and you’re passionate about building platforms for people to use, we’re waiting for you!

Summary or cover letter

Please lead with a couple sentences introducing yourself.

Explain why you want the role, why are you applying for it?

Go through each requirement and explain how you meet the requirement.

Please don’t list every technology you have ever come across, instead list the specific skills that apply to this job

The technologies you have used should be incorporated into the summary and career history as long as it’s relevant.

Github, Bitbucket and StackOverflow accounts

If you have a Github/Bitbucket/Stackoverflow account then please list it. If you contribute to open source projects, please add them. If you have an online presence that in any way supports the role you are applying for, please make sure it’s listed.

App store links or Websites you have worked on

If you have worked on mobile apps and they are any the app store, make sure you include the links to them. If you have worked on websites, include the URL’s. Don’t just include the links, add the specifics of exactly what you did on each project as described below.

Specific development work you actually did

Details matter. Let us know about the development work you actually did during each particular project or role.

  • What were you responsible for?
  • What technologies did you use and for what purpose?
  • Where you part of a team? Did you lead the team?
  • What did you learn most from the role?

Section for personal interests

Listing your interests outside of work helps to flesh you out as a real person.

We are also looking for someone who will enjoy working with us and enjoy taking the platform world wide.

There’s hundreds of thousands of sex workers out there that deserve the chance to manage their job (and their money!) on their own terms, and not what someone else dictates for them. Let’s help them out : )

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