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Project manager - sprints, test, release

Hello there!

Do you want to help a very ambitious startup move even faster by clearing obstacles for our development team?

And yes, the role is fully remote.

Likvido is a (very) fast-growing startup. We are 25 employees now, and we have just raised a seed round to realize our huge ambitions for the coming years.

We’re now looking for a project manager, who is responsible for running our sprints, test features, coordinate releases and be the go-to person for our developers. We will also pay for SCRUM courses, so you can implement that in Likvido!


So what are we doing?

We’re helping small companies succeed.

We’ve built an “Invoice CRM” - imagine a system like Hubspot / Pipedrive / Salesforce, but for your invoices. You can assign workflows, add todos, write notes and much more. We’re currently only in Denmark, but the platform is international and ready to scale internationally in 2020.

On top of the “Invoice CRM”, we’re going to launch financial products. Imagine, when you create the invoice - we will automatically pay our client the majority of the invoice - RIGHT away! BEFORE their client even paid! How cool is that?

This is possible because we have full control of the payment flow, and we have a very large data-set our data scientists are using for transaction-level credit ratings. This makes it possible to only provide loans on low-risk invoices.

The goal is to help small companies succeed. We have ~1.500 customers right now, and we’re adding 1-200 customers every month. In a few years, we should have millions of invoices through the system every month.


At Likvido we’re working with bi-weekly development sprints. We already have a product-owner, who is responsible for preparing a backlog of tasks.

Your job is to make sure as many items from the backlog get solved! If we break that down, that means you will be responsible for:

  • Be responsible for the sprint-plannings, daily standup format, and other recurring developers meetings
  • Be the go-to person for the developers with any questions. Your job is to find the answer (typically coordinating with the rest of the company).
  • Help test features from a business perspective, to verify tasks are ready for a release
  • Follow-up on all the tasks in the current sprint, update our issue system and push all features forward
  • Be the constant force for getting features released. Make sure no tasks get stuck, but always moved forward until they’re done

Today, the role is basically filled by our CTO (who is also writing this job ad..). I need to get out of everything day-to-day, and you’re a success in this job if I don’t have to worry about any day-to-day in the IT department. Our product owner will deliver the prioritized roadmap, you will be responsible for getting as many tasks solved every sprint as possible.

Practically, I would expect the role will be something like:

  • 25 % testing / releasing
  • 25 % meetings (developers or stakeholders)
  • 25 % coordinating and answering questions
  • 25 % planning sprints / process / improving whole flow

But, hey, being honest - I never hired for this role before. So I guess we will see.


We’re very open to different backgrounds for this role. If you come from a non-tech background, coding background, testing background or even a product background - doesn’t matter.

However, the following things are very important:

  • Fluent in English
  • You should LOVE structure and loves to make project plans (and follow up on them)
  • You’re social and outgoing. You need to coordinate with many people in a company while being remote
  • You’re above average IT-savvy. You should be able to: 1) download development programs & run applications from your computer 2) use many different systems & programs
  • We don’t care about time-zone, but you need to be online at least 10am - 3 pm Central European Time (CET) daily
  • Being able to spend at least 6-8 weeks per year in Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s a huge plus if you’ve worked with SaaS (software-as-a-service) before, or has worked in accounting systems.

It’s also worth noting that we’re a startup with big ambitions. This also comes with big expectations. We don’t expect you to work crazy Silicon Valley hours, but you should also expect to work significantly more than 40 hours per work.




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