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Senior front-end developer

Hello there! Are you ready for a really ambitious position as a senior front-end developer?

And yes, the role is fully remote.

Likvido is a (very) fast-growing startup. We are 25 employees now, and we have just raised a seed round to realize our huge ambitions for the coming years.

We’re now looking for a senior front-end developer that can bring our visuals, UI/UX and front-end stack to the next level.

So what are we doing?

We’re helping small companies succeed.

We’ve built an “Invoice CRM” - imagine a system like Hubspot / Pipedrive / Salesforce, but for your invoices. You can assign workflows, add todos, write notes and much more. We’re currently only in Denmark, but the platform is international and ready to scale internationally in 2020.

On top of the “Invoice CRM”, we’re going to launch financial products. Imagine, when you create the invoice - we will automatically pay our client the majority of the invoice - RIGHT away! BEFORE their client even paid! How cool is that?

This is possible because we have full control of the payment flow, and we have a very large data-set our data scientists are using for transaction-level credit ratings. This makes it possible to only provide loans on low-risk invoices.

The goal is to help small companies succeed. We have ~1.500 customers right now, and we’re adding 1-200 customers every month. In a few years, we should have millions of invoices through the system every month.


Our platform is ~18 months old. We have a big monolith ASP.NET MVC application, combined with 4 solid ASP.NET Core microservices. The front-end is currently old-school and not very nice. We use a customized “Admin Bootstrap theme”, lots of Vue.js, unfortunately even more jQuery and some SASS / Grunt for CSS.

We’re not proud of this, and we need someone who’s really awesome that can clean up this mess while delivering features and redesigns!

We’re 6 full-time fully, remote developers, and 3 part-timers. We plan to double the team in 2020.

The job: Being a senior front-end developer, your job is to:

  • Implement new visual changes (HTML + CSS + JavaScript preferably in Vue.js)
  • Be responsible for the front-end technical stack in the solution
  • Make sure we adopt component design and start to make “nice and reuseable” UI components around the site
  • Make code-reviews and be responsible for the JavaScript & HTML+CSS in the solution

You will participate in sprints like all other developers but will have a higher percentage of “clean-up” tasks. We know we have to redesign our front-end stack, and we will provide at least 25-35% of your available time to do this. When we make new features, we also expect it will be implemented properly.


We’re looking for someone who can say “YES!” to the following:

  • I’m a senior front-end with many years of experience
  • I have multiple years of experience building a modern JavaScript stack. I’m familiar with build tools such as Webpack/Rollup and know how to set them up to use the latest JS features (ESNext) and new CSS specs.
  • I’m up-to-date on the latest JS & CSS specs and know best practices around modern state management (Redux, GraphQL).
  • I know how to set up a modern stack that makes use of client-side routing and offers all the things you’d expect from a modern SPA, such as offline-support, service workers, push notifications, etc.
  • Bonus: I’m familiar with useful helper tools (such as storybook, JSDocs) that help me build & document my components in an efficient and team-friendly way
  • I’m cool with spending at least 2 weeks per year (preferably 4-6 weeks) in the Copenhagen office, starting with a week when hired
  • You’re cool with working on Windows. The application is currently limited to Visual Studio on Windows machines, meaning this is a requirement - unfortunately. We will get this to .NET Core and therefore OSX during 2020, but not when you start the job :( sorry!

So without further ado: If you consider yourself a top front-end developer, and feel like having a very ambitious role is the next step in your career - APPLY!




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