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Head of Service and Operations (REMOTE)

Location: Remote

Full-time (Flexible hours)

Who we are

Hustler Marketing is an global, virtual marketing agency specializing in email marketing. We drive substantial revenue gains for our international e-commerce clients using cutting edge techniques and technologies. Our customized email programs perform better than e-commerce industry standards. As a result, we have helped Shopify stores create more than $18 million in new revenue. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our team ( and an organizational culture that focuses on performance as well as professional development.

Job description

Hustler Marketing is now looking for a Head of Services and Operations to lead the company’s Account Management, Creative and Klaviyo teams to (a) deliver exceptional service to clients without interruption, and (b) achieve client KPIs. Reporting to the CEO, key deliverables will include the following:

1. Define and achieve client KPIs.

a. Within 50 days of hire, define the most important three or four client performance metrics (including % client revenue attributable to Hustler email marketing), establish the current baseline of these metrics (taking into account fluctuations due to seasonality), set goals for 2020, monitor progress against these goals each quarter, and take all necessary steps to ensure KPIs are met or exceeded in 2020 and beyond.

b. Implement a workable client satisfaction monitoring system within 60 days of hire, and improve client satisfaction scores by 50% in the following six months by (i) empowering the entire team to optimize the client experience, (ii) investing in client facing teams, and (iii) gathering and reacting quickly to client feedback.

c. Retain all new clients for at least six months from the date of client onboarding.

2. Build top tier Account Management, Creative and Klaviyo teams.

a. Complete all internal training and come up to speed with all company systems within 3-4 weeks of hire.

b. Within 60 days of hire, and in consultation with the Head of HR, conduct a talent audit across the Account Management, Creative and Klaviyo teams, and identify A, B and C Players as well as key hires for the next six months.

c. Hire A Players no less than 90% of the time through 2020 and beyond.

d. Implement scorecards for direct reports within 60 days of hire, and monitor progress against key deliverables monthly. Hold account managers accountable for implementing scorecards with their own direct reports by June 1st, 2020. Create an employee centric culture of accountability where all are involved in helping the company grow and clients succeed.

e. By the end of Q2 2020, develop and implement quarterly job crafting / professional development / performance reviews for the Account Management, Creative and Klaviyo teams with a view to amplifying key strengths, addressing/mitigating key development areas, and supporting team members to achieve their scorecard deliverables.

f. Provide training, coaching and mentoring to coachable direct reports, and remove underperformers within 30 days of identifying uncoachable deficits.

g. In consultation with the Head of HR, design/refine and implement a cutting-edge, inspiring learning and development program by the end of Q3 2020. Regularly engage with training videos, mentors, and books, and bring new practices into the company.

h. Practice transformational leadership and achieve an eNPS of +50 and a 90% retention rate among the Account Management, Creative and Klaviyo teams through 2020 by (i) optimizing organizational culture, onboarding, and continuous learning, (ii) soliciting and responding to periodic employee/contractor feedback, and (iii) reinforcing the mission, vision, and core values of the company.

3. Implement operational best practices and drive operational efficiencies.

a. Within 45 days of hire, undertake an audit of all current operational practices, systems, processes, policies and tools, and identify areas for improvement.

b. Within 75 days of hire, in consultation with the CEO, implement improvements and build out the company’s SOPs.

c. Within 110 days of hire, in consultation with the CEO, create and implement an operational playbook that implements best practices and standardizes SOPs across the company.

d. Define and implement QA standards for the Creative and Klaviyo teams by May 15th 2020, and monitor progress against Account Manager QA standards quarterly. Ensure all members of the Account Management, Creative and Klaviyo teams achieve at least 98% compliance with their respective QA standards through 2020.

4. Collaborate with colleagues and be a standard bearer of company culture.

a. Monitor progress against these scorecard deliverables weekly, review with the CEO quarterly, and amend/revise as necessary.

b. Complete 90% of current and future scorecard deliverables on time and on budget through 2020 and beyond.

c. Be a valued thought partner to the CEO through 2020 and beyond.

d. In consultation with the CEO and management board, refine a unified set of core values for the company, and implement with the Account Management, Creative and Klaviyo teams within 90 days of hire.

e. Consistently promote a culture where employees and contractors are driven by the following values: Radical Ownership, Radical Honesty, Linchpin Mindset, Client = Part of Team, Extreme Accountability.

f. Consistently exhibit a positive attitude and genuine care for the business. Take initiative by going above and beyond the call of duty throughout the year.

g. Respect and engage colleagues in a collegial manner consistently.

Minimum requirements

1. A minimum of 3 years’ managing and leading direct reports in the digital/email marketing space.

2. Self-starter with a performance orientation and commitment to delivering results.

3. Client-centric orientation.

4. Passion for start-ups.

5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Advanced (or fluent) written and spoken English is required.

6. Ability to work 3-6pm BCN time Monday to Friday (the rest of your hours are entirely flexible).

What we offer

1. $3,000 – 4,000 per month, depending on experience.

2. Remote working. Work from anywhere + an opportunity to work with and manage a truly virtual, global team.

3. Flexible hours (as long as you are available 3-6pm BCN time Monday to Friday).

4. Plenty of training and access to mentors and psychologists.

5. Two or three company retreats and conferences in international locations (e.g. Boston, Bangkok, Barcelona).

6. $50/month contribution to a gym or other wellness membership.

7. 100% transparency regarding company financials and cashflow.

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