dribbble design art director, web designer, freelancer

Art Director, Web Designer, Freelancer

The kind of branding and website we are looking for are: https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en_GB/home.html [1] But the message on this website is luxury, our website should be reliability and strength! Before you submit, you also need to visit our competition: https://www.insitu.com/ [2] or https://martinuav.com/ [3]

We are looking for three people; the best Art Director, the best Web Designer and the best Freelancer (Writer) to precisely portrait our brand and promote it. We will be very selective and selfish in this process because we are uncontested in our product leadership. We will select the candidate who truly immerse herself/himself in our brand and believe in what we are capable of doing.

We are the only designer and producer of unmanned aerial systems that has achieved the longest flight endurance ever recorded and verified by independent party. None of our competition has ever verified their claims on marketing brochures by an independent party and in fact they can't exceed 18 hours operations. We exceeded 24.5 hours and it's adjudicated by an independent journalist. We fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) which is over 10,000 feet. Our drone is not a toy and it's not used by junkies for fun. Our drone is used by government, government agencies, military (army, navy and airforce), and border agencies for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance.

On the civil side of our market segment, we can detect early wildfire detection before it gets out of hand and dispatch first-responder to the location for inspection so proper action can be taken. We can perform wildlife survey, fight animal poaching, inspect and detect oil leakage of thousands kilometer of oil pipes, inspect oil rigs, inspect powerline for damages in remote area where there are high-voltage (750kV), ...

We developed our own autopilot. Our system is equipped with a four stroke engine (95 oct mix with oil). Our system is equipped with ADB-S that helps with safe operations because it notifies airplane in surrounding to watch for our drone that is in vicinity. Our fix-wing drone is not susceptible to GPS jamming or EMI. It is tested for such environment and it passed. We designed and architect our system with redundancy which greatly adds and contribute to our system reliability. No other competition offers this reliability to the extent we do.

Our fix-wing drone launches from catapult and recovers through parachute. At the time of parachute it flips and airbag deploys so it lands on cushioning surface. Our fix-wing drone is the lightest in its class which is another great feature that nobody has achieved. We own the IP on many areas and it's developed by us. We designed this over 4.5 years and it's in production.

We are moving the production and R&D from Ukraine to Canada. We want to launch a strong brand that exhibits strength and reliability.

We want to only hear from people really and truly share the passion we feel. We are proud of our accomplish and we want to make sure, 100%, the message gets across - solid.

If you believe you are up for it, we call you for challenge Send your resume and work sample to [email protected] Do not go to our website and send application to common email address in contact.

Thank you,

Amir Ashrafi, CEO

  1. https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en_GB/home.html
  2. https://www.insitu.com/
  3. https://martinuav.com/
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