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Outside Sales Relationship Building Account Executive

I'm Jon Carcone, and I own 4 Brothers Buy Houses. We are one of the largest privately owned homebuyers in the DC Metro Area. We are a small, entrepreneurial and fast growing company. We're looking for an independent, driven outside sales person to join our team.

Easily earn $50,000+ in base and commissions at goal per year working part time. Health insurance, 401K with match, PTO, Flexible schedule provided.

You'll have the ability to structure your day the way you want for maximum results, and have significant autonomy as to how you conduct your day-to-day. As long as you're performing, we treat you like a 'business owner' where you can tweak and design your job in the way that suits you. We encourage all of our employees to come to us with ideas regularly for how to do their job better.

You will design this job with us as we go along. You have the ability to have significant input in the activities and strategies to employ to get the best possible results. If what you're doing is working and hitting our sales targets, you are free to handle your business the way you see fit. If you are not, you will not last long in this position.

We put a lot on the shoulders of every single person that works with us, which means you'll have personal attention and accountability from company founders to hit and exceed goals. With less than 10 people in the company, there is no opportunity to coast. Your performance will be ruthlessly assessed and if, after an initial start-up period, you are not achieving at goal, you will be let go.

If you want big company structure, or significant training before doing something, this will not be a good fit. You must have the internal drive and initiative to find whatever internal or external resources you need to learn, grow, and develop in you role.

About The Position:

1) You'll be contacting realtors, investors, attorneys, foundation repair companies, etc to build relationships with them so they bring us properties to purchase. You'll be cold calling at first to setup the initial meeting, then will be building relationships over time so they bring us houses to purchase

2)You'll also be hosting Realtor and Investor workshops and training programs in small group settings. You'll be attending open houses, meeting and networking events (sometimes on nights and weekends) to meet and grow your network for leads

3)You'll be having weekly performance check-ins with company founders to ensure on track to hit goals and achieve results

4) This is a full time position, but you will have flexibility in your start/end time

5)This is a remote position, work from home


1) Verifiable top achievement sales experience (in any industry). We WILL verify your past sales experience.

2) You're coachable and eager to learn.

3) You're willing to work 1-2 nights a week and 1-3 hours each Saturday

4) You demonstrate having a great attitude.

5) You're competitive and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

6) You're looking for long term opportunity

7)Willingness to work occasional nights and weekends

8) And, finally, you're money motivated.

Please apply via Linked in or send resume to

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