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Director of Product Marketing

You have a passion for leading, mentoring, and developing a world-class product marketing team. You are a master at crafting customer-centric value propositions that clearly differentiate your products from the competition. You have a deep understanding of a marketing funnel and a customer journey and can teach and guide others to develop the best types of content for every stage in that journey. You understand that every word our customer reads is an investment they are making in us, so you make every word and every pixel count. You connect thoughts, dots, and people and combine your mastery of the marketing discipline with the urgency of constant improvement and your drive for superior results.

This Full time role involves leading a team of experienced individuals and providing constant ongoing leadership and guidance across multiple concurrent outbound marketing campaigns that are planned on a 6-month rolling basis.


Manage a team of experienced product marketing professionals, with a focus on helping them thrive and grow in a changing marketing environment.

Work with your team to ensure each product area has a comprehensive annual plan, updated on a quarterly basis to reflect the current needs of the business.

Work with business leaders to understand the state of the business and adjust priorities to use your resources to maximize the impact marketing has for the business.

Manage the work and output associated with product marketing: manage the process and create collateral for new product launches, create, maintain, and optimize web pages related to all areas of your portfolio, create outbound go-to-market programs to engage known prospects and attract new prospects, manage performance of your overall campaign to reach marketing qualified lead (MQL) goals, and create customer-facing collateral in the form of videos, blogs, PowerPoint presentations, white papers, and eBooks, which can be leveraged in outbound campaigns via social, digital advertising, or via sales or channel partner teams.

Dynamic leadership skills - you have the ability to step in, as needed, to enable your team's success by driving critical outputs in the form of a marketing plan, selected pieces of content such as a white paper, PowerPoint, video script, or other creative asset, as well as leading strategic initiatives for the organization or site.

Job Qualifications

A Bachelor's degree plus an MBA in a marketing or business, OR Bachelor's degree and equivalent MBA-level experience in product marketing and team leadership

5+ years of team management in a marketing discipline

7+ years proven experience in an outbound product marketing or content marketing role

Meticulous attention to detail, paired with a drive for excellence in marketing.

Proven capability to create content - (examples: web site copy, articles, white papers, case studies, blogs, etc.)

A passion for exceptional marketing, including proven skills in writing and storytelling

Superior communications and organizations skills are a must in this cross-functional role

Experience working with executive teams and aligning them to strategic objectives

Creative thinker and excellent communicator

Must be able to work independently in a global, multi-national business environment.

Must independently track and manage your tasks and prioritize your time and your team's time to meet deadlines.

Position can be based anywhere in the US or Canada; remote work is allowed

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