glassdoor sales-marketing volunteer social media call for kokua mau a movement to improve care (remote)

Volunteer Social Media call for Kokua Mau A Movement to Improve Care (Remote)

Care by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour
about their social media needs.

Our Mission
Kokua Mau's vision is a community where the people of Hawai`i are treated with
dignity, compassion and love throughout their lives. (This is Kokua Mau's
highest aspiration.)

To make that vision a reality, our mission is to weave a lei of caregiving and
support so that the people of Hawai`i facing serious illness can live in the
place of their choice, with relief of pain and suffering, and according to
their values, beliefs and traditions.

What Kokua Mau A Movement To Improve Care Needs
We are looking for help with live streaming of video ASAP. We have looked at
YouTube live, Facebook live and Zoom as a few options.

Additional Details
All of them have their technical pro and cons and I would love to pick
somebody's brain about options out there we might not even have thought of, or
how to best use these options. In the COVID-19 response virtually all meeting
switch to zoom and we may need to provide a venue to provide live (and play
back) video updates to our members and supporters soon. We want to hit the
ground running and not scramble for options when the need arises. If you have
any ideas and suggestions, please let us know. If you are working from home and
have an hour to spare, please lets talk!

Your Skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Your Experience
    • Experience with social media and ability to provide advice over the phone
  • Your Availability
    • Works remotely from anywhere
    • 1 hour
  • Why You'll Love Volunteering With Us
    • Enhance your skills while supporting a cause you care about
    • Gain samples of work & references to add to your portfolio
    • Directly impact a community organization on the ground
    • Work remotely & create your own schedule
  • About Ask An Expert Calls
  • One hour, one time calls allow an organization to speak with an expert about a
    particular challenge or question. Designed for the professional who seeks to
    fit volunteering into their busy schedule, these calls allow you to make a
    difference for an organization in just 1 hour.

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