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Customer Support Manager

Prezly is growing! We are hiring a Customer Support Manager to offer awesome support to our customers.  Everyone in the team has 1 client day per week to ensure we understand the challenges of our customers. This has the positive side effect that we all know the product inside out and a 20 person pool of people helping our clients. Engineers fix bugs during those days, marketing people update documentation, designers add visuals to the knowledge base etc..

We’re looking for a person that is a customer support person first, additionally writes documentation, improves processes and teaches the team to do better support.

Prezly aims to be the go-to software solution for PR and communications professionals, giving them the power to manage their contacts, publish news, and pitch stories all from one place. We have strong opinions on why people should care, but we need help driving the right audience to our website. This role will amplify your career. From taking on new challenges to following the lead of incredible mentors, we promise you will grow, learn, and make a difference to our business – and the industry. 

You will need to be able to work independently and remote. That being said we already have a functioning remote team in place and the right tools to make you an essential part of it.

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