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Customer Success

Our platform is being visited by millions of people every year. That traffic is fueled by the awesome creators that partner with us on campaigns and our amazing customer success team makes sure they go smooth as butter. This is no ordinary customer success role – you have to create a marketing plan and execute on it to make every creator you work with successful.


Why this role?

  1. Have a massive impact on the company. Even though we’re growing fast, we’re still a small team, and your contribution to managing our creators’ campaigns will be noticed.
  2. Maximum ownership and lots of independence. You will set the tone for how you want to interact with creators. You can call them, text them or video chat – whatever works. You decide how campaigns should be promoted and you will execute on your plan.
  3. Deploy and develop multiple skillsets. You will get a chance to develop customer service, marketing and data analysis skills all in one role.
  4. Join us at an epic time. We’re a profitable company and we’ve worked with 40 creators. We are planning to work with over 200 this year. This is the time to experience exponential personal and career growth.
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