sales-marketing inside sales representative - remote work, big opportunity

Inside Sales Representative - Remote Work, Big Opportunity

Job Description

If you love sales and professional development, and thrive in an early stage startup environment, you may want to take a look at joining the Soar team.

Soar is on a mission to help people reach their full potential. Our company attracts thousands of coaches who in turn work with leaders, executives and teams to help boost productivity.

In your role at Soar, you will help people learn about opportunities to kick-start their own success as an independent coach. You will sell online tools for remote coaching, training opportunities, and virtual assistants who can help coaches fill their calendars with coaching and client opportunities.

Coaching is a $2 billion industry. Training is a $8 billion industry. Thousands of outstanding individuals who have been successful executives or who work in corporate roles (human resources, learning & development, sales) want to transition to become independent coaches and consultants.

Many executive coaches, team coaches, and leadership development coaches have great people development skills but know little to nothing about starting their own business, and getting customers. That's where the Soar team comes in.

You will find customers who need to experience our intensive training programs in order to jump start their own business. You will hand off new clients to our customer success team who will help your customers achieve success.

In this role your responsibilities will include the following:
  • Learn about our coaching software, training programs and virtual assistant services so you can discuss them with customers
  • Respond to inbound leads immediately
  • Study the Sandler selling system (Sandler is our biggest customer and partner)
  • Use LinkedIn, SMS, email and phone to schedule phone calls and zoom meetings
  • Do online zoom meetings to walk through the value of Soar programs and tools
  • Set and achieve monthly sales goals
  • Share success stories with the team, and learn and grow together

Company Description built a platform to help people discover their heritage, to understand the past. Now Ancestry's founder has teamed up with his original lead engineer and other key team members to build a platform to connect users to their best possible future, with AI recommendations designed to help them maximize their time on this planet.

Soar is building an AI-powered technology platform that is good for people. By deeply understanding user strengths (using StrengthsFinder and other assessments) and by curating the world's most valuable information, our platform helps people learn and grow and reach their full potential.

Soar unlocks human potential by helping people discover strengths, tools, valuable content and connect them to people and coaches who can help them succeed and find happiness at work and in life.
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