non-tech creative content writer

Creative Content Writer

Do you want to help creators earn a living from their passion?

At Podia, we’re building the most creator-friendly platform on the planet to help people sell online courses, memberships, webinars, and digital downloads to their audience.

The online business content world is a noisy one, overflowing with clickbait content promising quick riches for little work…as long as you buy today.

We do things differently.

When you join our content team, you’ll:

  • Protect online creators from shallow, predatory content 🛡️
  • Show them what they’re actually capable of achieving 🏆
  • Help them do the work required to move forward, whether they’re building their first product or planning their 50th launch 📈
  • Remove the obstacles standing in their way, and lead our creators to success 💰

You’ll do that by creating extraordinary, rich, actionable, uncompromising content; we expect every piece we publish to be the best of its kind on the internet.

If you share our passion for helping creators earn money doing what they love, and you’re excited by the idea of spending your days writing content to extremely demanding standards, then we’d love to chat!

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Publish three long-form (2,500+ words) pieces per week 📝
  • Independently conduct SEO research for every article and incorporate it into your final product 🏗️
  • Write social copy for every piece you publish 📣
  • Create branded graphics for every article with Venngage or a similar tool 🎨
  • Coordinate with outside sources to collect original quotes for your articles 💬
  • Engage with our community of creators to do research for your content, promote new articles, and respond to feedback ✉️
  • Research, pitch, and write guest posts for at least 4 external publications every month 🎯
  • Help with other marketing projects as needed (e.g. copy for an online course or landing page) 🔧
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