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Product Manager

Octane AI is an all-remote and venture-backed startup seeking a Product Manager interested in developing the future of ecommerce.

Octane AI is developing conversational AI technologies that reimagine online commerce. Publicly, Octane AI is the leading Facebook Messenger & SMS marketing platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. Octane AI provides a unified platform for connecting, converting, and retaining customers. Octane AI’s current and upcoming products democratize personalization and automation technologies previously only available to multi-billion dollar corporations. Some of our investors include General Catalyst, Boost VC, and M Ventures.

You will work directly with our VP of Product, Megan Berry, our design team and our engineering team to help build an easy to understand and effective product for merchants and their customers.


  • Understand our customers needs through data, customer conversations and conversations with internal teams. Putting yourself in the mind of our customer should quickly become second nature.
  • Help develop the roadmap for the products you are responsible for and work with our engineering and design teams to turn that roadmap into live features that our customers love.
  • Do competitor and market research, but also know there’s a difference between having a distinct product vision and simply following the competition.
  • Be the voice of the product across our teams. You naturally switch between talking in-depth product logic and edge cases to talking overall value propositions and big-picture wins depending on who you are talking to.
  • Collaborate to build the best possible product. You understand that the best features come not just from your ideas, but from working together with others. You never deliver a product spec that is set in stone, and you always expect to have your ideas improve as they are shown to others on the team.
  • Work iteratively. You know that perfect is the enemy of the good in a startup environment.
  • Work to make new features a success. You know that a feature getting deployed does not mean your job is over. You will work with marketing and our customer teams to ensure the features you release are helping customers.
  • Work efficiently in a fast-paced startup environment. Be flexible enough to take on any task.


  • You have a passion for solving customer problems and improving user experience.
  • You love data, but also know it can’t tell you everything. You are comfortable working within data analytics platforms like Mixpanel.
  • You are flexible in how you work to make our engineering and design team efficient. You are excellent at written, asynchronous communication but also happy to jump on a call.
  • You are incredibly organized and have excellent attention to detail.
  • You have at least 2 years of product management experience.
  • Preferred: Experience at a SaaS company
  • Preferred: you are familiar with Figma or similar tools and happy to put together a wireframe yourself before getting the design team involved.


  • The ability to work from anywhere in the world. Our team works from New York, Portland, Barcelona, Austin, Canada, South Korea, and more. Currently we have team members in 10 different countries. As long as you can get the work done, we don’t care where you are! For this role, we are looking for at least 4 hours time zone overlap with ET time zone (9AM -6PM).
  • Excellent health benefits: health, dental and vision insurance for US employees
  • 401(k) for US employees
  • Flexible vacation policy, paid holidays, parental leave, and sick leave
  • Fitness and home office credits. We want your workspace to be your happy place.
  • Generous stock options
  • Growth and leadership opportunities. We invest in the tools and training that will help your long-term career.
  • An amazing team of wonderfully driven and talented people

More about working at Octane AI

– We believe the happier you are, the more productive you and the team are. Being a remote company allows us to work from wherever we’d prefer. Spend your evenings and weekends with your family/friends/hobbies.

– We hate bureaucracy. Feel free to talk to anyone on the team.

– Your ideas are welcome. If you know how to improve our workflow, our product, our processes, don’t be shy to share it.

– In our weekly meetings, we do a fun thing called “fast parrot”. Everybody, including the CEO, is involved. It’s a little weird and fun at the same time, especially if you are doing a meeting from a public place.

– We iterate quickly. Projects generally take days or weeks, not months. We have a collaborative environment where you can share a work in progress and get feedback quickly. We like to get something in the hands of customer and get their feedback as quickly as possible.

– Flexible working hours. As long as you have at least 4 hours time overlap with ET time zone (9AM – 6PM ET) you can work whenever works best for you.

– Don’t work if you are sick. It’s way better to rest and recover quicker than work at half power for a long time.

– If you feel you are stuck with a task don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are no stupid questions and nobody expects you to know everything.

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