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Full Stack Javascript Developer

We are looking for a Full-stack Javascript Developer / Engineer excited about the possibility of leading the development of our main product, Companio. Companio is the most powerful company management tool for Estonian businesses founded thanks to the e-Residency Program, and the differential factor that our customers love about our company. You will be in charge of adding new features, fixing bugs, but also adding new ideas and proposing exciting new aspects about it. We value creativity and pro-active people who are proud of their job.

Some context on our scale:

– We serve hundreds of customers from all around the world.
– Most of them use the platform on a daily or weekly basis.
– We track thousands of documents, bank movements, business travels, and employee operations every day.


– Leading the main product of the company and inspiring its future
– Developing changes that have a positive effect on the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs from all around the world
– Adding new exciting features and fixing bugs in the platform
– Improving our front-end and back-end development tooling and workflow
– Scaling yourself by writing clear and concise engineering spec for other engineers to follow
– Sharing our open culture of knowledge sharing
– Proposing changes and improvements that help our customers our your teammates
– Shipping and maintaining Companio


– 3+ years of experience as a front-end software engineer
– 2+ years of experience as a back-end software engineer
– Knowledge and experience in NoSQL databases, especially MongoDB
– Knowledge and experience in Node.js, Express, and Mongoose in the back-end side of things
– Knowledge and experience in Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, CSS and HTML in the front-end side of things
– Ability to build and extend a beautiful UI WITHOUT relying on fancy frameworks such as Angular.
– Strong command of software engineering principles, design, and process
– Knowledge and experience with Linux (Debian) systems
– Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and optionally, Spanish.
– Sound team-collaboration skills, responsible, goal-oriented person who can work remotely.


– Leading the development and shipping of the top product in the market
– Completely remote work from anywhere in the world. Our team is distributed all around the world and some of us are nomads too.
– Flexible working hours
– Non-discriminating working environment. We proudly adhere to a nondiscrimination policy based on race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, country, culture, religion, or social background.


Front-End: Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
Back-End: Node.js, Express, Mongoose
Database: MongoDB
Infrastructure: Debian Linux, Linode.


Empresa En Estonia OÜ is the fastest-growing official business service provider for the e-Residency program of Estonia.

This innovative program allows location independent entrepreneurs and startups to register their companies in Estonia and manage them completely online.

We are a fast-growing team that serves hundreds of customers from all around the world.

Our values:

We proudly adhere to a strict transparency policy in our prices and how we deal with our customers. We only work with companies, providers and banks that respect and follow that transparency policy themselves.

We are against any form of discrimination to members, employees, customers, providers or friends due to race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural or social background, country or religion. We are citizens of the world, just like you.

We don’t want to be the cheapest service provider. We aspire to be the one offering the best service to its customers. There’s no bigger reward than a “Thank you” message or recommendation from you.

We are committed to the success of our customers. That’s only natural. If our work is flawless, and you can focus on your company, you’ll be a happy customer, and stay with us for a long time. We believe our businesses go hand in hand. If your business grows, we grow with you.

Our team works 100% remotely. We are strong supporters of remote work and don’t believe in borders. We think everyone should be free to work, live and travel anywhere. We see the e-Residency program as a way of empowering entrepreneurs.

We think the technology exists to tear down the barriers and limitations of the past. We believe in technology as a disrupting force in all areas, from banking and accommodation to companies and governments.

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