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Technical Recruiter

Shopify’s R&D recruitment team is growing. We are looking for someone to come in and drive the hiring process for developers, infrastructure & security engineers, UX researchers & developers, product managers, and data scientists. We gate-keep the R&D team by ensuring that as Shopify grows, we continue to hire people who are self-aware, engaged, and impactful.

We make real, high-impact decisions on whether Shopify is the right place for someone to make their next career move, and we facilitate the process that gets them here.

We’re all about the people and focus on building and growing teams that execute on Shopify’s long-term vision. We partner with teams across the company and acquire as much information as possible to understand the work they do and what they need to ship. We then make it our mission to find the best people for the right role at the right time.

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