sales-marketing associate copywriter

Associate Copywriter

The Associate Copy Writer would work on learning to write imaginative, understandable, persuasive copy. They would be responsible for learning the art behind marketing and science of assigned brands. The ideal candidate would work with the internal creative and account team in a detailed, professional, and timely manner. Other duties would include but would not be limited to the following:

  •  Write, edit and develop digital and print copy
  • Learn your products, the routing process, quality control
  • Understand studies and reports
  • Learn to do research
  • Study AMA editorial style and rules
  • Meets timelines and deliverables
  • Observes everything!

Within a 6- 12-month period, the ideal candidate would possess the following Creative and Technical Abilities:

  • Fundamental knowledge of assigned brand(s)
  • Basic knowledge of brand science
  • Documentation and information maintenance
  • Writing effective copy, annotates as required by agency and develops professional- grade copy
  • Can read and execute against a creative brief template
  • Concepts reflect diverse thinking
  • Detailed understanding of how the creative process works and how jobs move through the agency
  • Collaborates with editorial and traffic/ project management
  • Learns advertising strategy
  • Reviews possible approaches with supervisor
  • Learns to develop concepts that are relevant, strategically-focused and thought-provoking
  • Learns to present internally
  • Learns to communicate with team in a professional manner
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