sales-marketing chief marketing officer (remote)

Chief Marketing Officer (Remote)

Chief Marketing Officer

Fearless, Inc. (The Underbelly)


Fearless, Inc. and The Underbelly believe in individual healing as a catalyst for collective healing.

We celebrate:

  • Radical inclusivity
  • Radical honesty
  • Our differences
  • Courage
  • Faith
  • Curiosity
  • Learning


The Underbelly is looking for our first Chief Marketing Officer. You probably have about 8-10 years of experience, but you might be an outlier. In your career so far, you’ve already created a voice for a new brand and know what it feels like to innovate and build something from the ground up. Maybe you’ve had some experience with corporate America and you’ve seen the limited potential of working in a really large company.

  • You both respect and know how to use social media, but you’re able to see beyond it.
  • You’re self-motivated: when we hand you the baton, you don’t need someone to tell you which direction to run.
  • You value holistic wellness and have a foundation of your own healing or spiritual practice.
  • You understand what it means to be marginalized.
  • You will show up for yourself first.


The Underbelly’s new CMO will contextualize content on our many different platforms. You’ll gather all the moving parts and construct a marketing strategy that recognizes all communication is intertwined. What are all the ways we connect to our audience, and how do they work together?

You’ll start out managing two part-time team members, bringing them your expertise as a teacher/coach/mentor. The company is growing quickly and you’ll play a leadership role in key personnel decisions. At first, you’ll contribute to content with some copywriting, but will move into a primarily editorial role as the team grows.

One of the reasons we’re most excited for you to join the team is your strategic vision. You will be responsible for The Underbelly’s short and long term marketing strategy including our app, live classes, merchandise, apparel, brand partnerships, events, activations, and more.

If you worked for us today, your day might look like:

  • No commute! We work remotely (and have team members on both coasts).
  • Checking in with your team: what’s going out on socials today? What needs to be approved for upcoming content?
  • Building new projects and relationships, taking a call with a potential partner
  • Drafting the first outline of our marketing strategy for Holiday 2020 merchandise
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the revolution: reading a few articles or listening to a podcast
  • Synthesizing analytics (and their implications) to share with the leadership team. How are the newsletter, socials, app, store, and website all driving traffic to each other? What did we expect, what’s surprising?


  • Round 1 - Application: Resume and Cover Letter
  • Round 2 - Work Sample: Case Study
  • Round 3 - Phone Interview
  • Round 4 - Video Conference Interviews
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