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Tech Lead - Node, Angular, React, AWS

Your mission:

To play a core role in our startup’s success by working directly with the director of engineering and our full team evolving the vision for Reel with your coding, organisational, and leadership skills. This is a tech lead role but as with all startups coding and occasionally mentoring more junior developers is required. We are looking for bright innovative minds not afraid to get their hands dirty in any technology. As a tech lead there is a expectation to be able to assist in problem solving, strategy, architecture and other aspects of the business as required or being proactive and proposing new ideas, which we encourage of all employees.

We work with an innovative backend serverless architecture with a real build process, SPA frontend and a fun group to work with. From backgrounds as diverse as banking to photography, we are always thinking of new ways to make our architecture more scalable and relevant to data analysis.

Current stack would ideally have someone interested in working and of course a fast learner of some of the following technologies:

  • Node (this is really a must)

  • We proudly are using typescript in a lot of our microservices, in the process of moving them all towards it.

  • As mentioned above -- Microservices and serverless. We’re an AWS shop using Lambda for each domain service.

  • AWS knowledge is desired. We use SQS, SNS, Cloudfront, S3, RDS, Athena, SES, among others. 

  • CI/CD

  • Client side Angular, looking at moving to React as we evolve the company

  • Experience with startups is desirable

  • Knowing when to ask questions is very important.

  • Collaboration with fellow engineers is part of the job.

  • Some cool BI/ML things are in the works

  • Knowledge of both document and relational databases (postgres is making an entrance)

  • Ideally has spent 4+ years with a product company

Some optional things

  • Have worked with various payment API’s

  • Management experience

  • Have worked in a fast paced startup

  • External email providers

  • Expert with SQL and good with Python 

  • Knowledge of BI tools such as Periscope

  • Any level of knowledge of Event Sourcing (or CQRS in general, this is just mostly cool to talk about during lunch)

  • Can explain the benefits and drawbacks of nosql vs sql

  • Read hackernews, infoQ and/or xkcd regularly

We’d love to discuss our serverless architecture with anyone that has the qualifications or ambition to want to learn quickly with it.

We estimate this is a heavy development role 70% dev 30% mentoring and management role.

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