tech customer success manager

Customer Success Manager

Pilot (YC W17) is looking for our first customer success manager to join a small team working to create a more open job market.

A bit about who we are:

We are Pilot, a Y Combinator-backed startup after a successful seed funding round, with a small distributed team working remotely from Poland and San Francisco. Our mission is to create a more open worldwide job market. Today, we’re doing that by helping companies hire and pay remote international staff.

Our customers are companies that embraced remote staffing as a way to scale their operations and organizations already hiring remote contractors, needing help with the complexities of compliance and international payroll.

What you will be working on:

You’ll be our first customer success manager, working directly with one of our founders, who is leading the revenue team.

While our customers can manage everything from the dedicated application, they still need guidance around local employment laws, standards, payroll, and taxes. All those things vary between countries, and your job will be to help customers navigate it.

You don’t need to know how to issue a visa in Poland, or how the contract termination works in France. You’ll work with experts to help you with details. You need to help customers understand all those complexities and help them decide what benefits them the most.

You’d also work with our customers during the onboarding phase, to make sure they start getting the value from using our product in their first month.

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