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Site Reliability Engineers Wanted

At Magnolia, the Site Reliability Engineers run and operate complex systems on a large-scale for our cloud customers, both internal and external.

They continuously innovate to provide more robust and fault-tolerant systems by applying software engineering approaches to infrastructural and operational challenges. 

As a part of the SRE team, you will play a key role in Magnolia’s mission to further evolve its product and services in an ever growing world of automation and micro-services. 

Your responsibilities

Along with other SRE practitioners, you will work at the heart of our production system and…

  • monitor service performances and keep the lights green.

  • define and manage our cloud infrastructure as code (IAC), improve CI/CD pipeline, build the monitoring stack, create and deploy orchestration scripts

  • be involved in the design, build and deployment of scalable and secured services and provide architectural review, vulnerability testing, and security reviews.

  • be an internal advocate of cloud technologies at Magnolia.

What you ideally offer

  • BA/BS in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

  • Proven experience with cloud infrastructure (AWS and Terraform), configuration management tools (Ansible), continuous delivery, and container technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).

  • A passion for large-scale and highly redundant services and computer engineering.

  • Programming experience with one or more relevant languages: Java, Python, Bash, Go, JavaScript.

  • Experience in operating, optimizing and scaling SQL databases, ElasticSearch clusters and/or Prometheus.

  • Familiar with security and operation standards as well as best practices around personal data.

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