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Love wine? And design?

The mission for the role of Designer + is to create a diverse range of visual assets for the brand while helping the team get organized with our visual asset library. Let's scale baby!

Wine Folly [1] is the internet’s leading wine education startup. Our goal is to be the very best digital wine information resource in the world. We’re looking for a passionate individual (US or CANADA based) to grow the visual brand and help maintain our asset library. We are a small team and wear many hats.

Have you lived through text errors sent to press? Do you know the struggle of visual design for multiple view ports (desktop / mobile / bandwidth)?

You'll be working with a small, design-smart team. We all work remote, so you'll need to show incredible self-motivated work ethic.

Here are the "need to haves" for the role:

  • Keen interest in trends with acumen demonstrating current design knowledge.
  • Adept knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator including the ability to produce design systems (templates) and automations to reduce doing things over. (Example of design + automations [2])
  • Strong illustrator / vector illustration skills (icons, items, shapes, textures, infographics, etc) 
  • Good knowledge of Adobe InDesign (you can put a book together [3])
  • Capable of basic video editing in Adobe Premiere (titles, stills [4]) – able to edit and cut completed videos into multiple sizes and formats for Social Media
  • Familiarity with Adobe libraries and strong organizational skills managing assets.
  • Comfortable designing for web with consideration for file size, standard sizes, mobile / desktop variations.
  • Able to go into mail client and create designed email templates that work for both light and dark mode.
  • Strong photography / photo editing and color correcting for product images and scenes.  (Examples: Poster [5], product photo [6], product photo glassware [7] , product in scene [8] )
  • Design pace matches priorities / importance (e.g. go fast on not important stuff, go real slow on print work)
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Able to iterate on and design in a style that communicates the brand look 'n' feel. 

The day-to-day:

  • Creating base templates for product scenes (a.k.a. photoshoppin')
  • Creating variants for social media with combination of new and existing designs (1200x1200, 1920x1080, 1200x600, multi-carousel images, etc)
  • Art directing and execution of Marketing campaign designs (on site, advertising, etc)
  • Designing vector assets for various types of wine-related web icons.
  • Photo and color correct product shots in various scenes of your own devising that are in line with the brand
  • Organizing libraries and assets, creating design systems for scaling repeat design behaviors.

Make note! This job is Contract to Part Time + so we can scale up together!

  1. https://winefolly.com
  2. https://winefolly.com/grapes/
  3. https://winefolly.com/wine-folly-magnum-edition-the-master-guide-hardcover-ebook/
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHNNb7v43Xyeg3oE_XW4Pw
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