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A/B Smartly is an experimentation platform by former engineers of and It runs on premises, enabling businesses to deliver continuous experimentation across websites, mobile apps, connected devices, email, ML jobs without impacting performance. A/B Smartly enables businesses to experiment deeply into their technology stack and broadly across the entire customer experience. The platform's ease of use and speed of deployment, interaction detection and integrated social network empower organizations to create and run hundreds to thousands of simultaneous experiments without losing track of what is being tested across the organization. We’re looking for a Back-end Data Engineer to help maintain our data pipeline and continue expanding our data integrations and scalability. The core team functions remotely with team members currently based in Portugal and The Netherlands.

In this role, you will be responsible for working with the CTO on data and infrastructure strategy and coding and development practices at A/B Smartly. Your work will have a direct impact on our customer onboarding journey and will also help influence the strategic decisions at the company.  As a data engineer at A/B Smartly, you will: 

  • Help build and maintain the data pipelines collected by our customers using our SDKs and APIs and also from external sources like mParticle,, etc.
  • Maintain the aggregation processes and data sinks to a diverse array of possible data lakes (Hadoop, BigTable, Redshift, Snowflake, S3, ...)
  • Engineer our back-end to support a highly scalable and reliable distributed data platform
  • Work on building fast & robust microservice architecture
  • Write and optimize advanced SQL queries to analyze the media analytics and business data
  • Report directly to our CTO and work closely with the leadership team 

Availability: Full-time

Duration: Possible internalization  Start date: as soon as possible

Location: Lisbon (if remote, no more than 2-hour time difference from Portugal) 



  • Lisbon

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