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Senior Material Scientist

The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) accelerates the development of next generation sustainable and animal-free materials for the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries, with a focus on replacing animal-based materials. Sustainability issues, animal welfare concerns, and growing consumer demand combined with recent technology breakthroughs create the ideal scenario for revolutionizing the materials industry. 

How You Will Make a Difference 

As a Material Scientist at MII, you will analyze the various technical processes for creating animal- and petroleum-free sustainable alternatives for leather, silk, wool, fur, down, and exotic skins. You will articulate challenges with production and scaling and work with industry, academic, and nonprofit partners in identifying and fast-tracking solutions. Your will ensure that a roadmap exists for improving the quality and performance of next gen materials; their market share grows; other scientists are encouraged to engage in plant-based, cultivated, and precision fermentation R&D; and that significant funds are directed toward scientific endeavors to transform the materials industry toward more sustainable systems. Working with key academic, nonprofit, and industry stakeholders, you will ensure that next gen materials dominate the marketplace as quickly as possible by:

  • Writing technical analyses of the various processes for creating animal- and petroleum-free alternatives to leather, silk, wool, down, fur, and exotic skins.
  • Forecasting future bottlenecks and obstacles that may inhibit the long-term growth of the next gen materials industry and proposing solutions to proactively alleviate these bottlenecks.
  • Identifying the key areas requiring the most focused research and finding the most qualified researchers to perform that work.
  • Launching and overseeing original research projects with contracted partners and collaborators.
  • Informing strategic decisions through insights derived from deep industry analysis and examining parallel models for accelerating nascent industries.
  • Building MII’s capacity to serve as a knowledge hub for the industry and as a connector and force multiplier.
  • Developing performance metrics and ensuring these are met.

Who We’re Looking For 

We are currently looking for a Senior Material Scientist to focus on understanding and growing the technology for plant-based, cultivated, and precision fermented replacements to leather, silk, wool, down, fur, and exotic skins. Expertise in the following fields is especially relevant: material science, material engineering, synthetic biology, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and bioprocess engineering. This Senior Material Scientist must have:

  • A Ph.D. in a relevant scientific field.
  • Exceptional writing skills for technical and general audiences.
  • A proven track record of analyzing scientific literature and publishing literature reviews.
  • Experience translating scientific information into formats for non-scientific professionals.  
  • A functional understanding of the principles, methods, equipment, and techniques used in material research and manufacturing.
  • Coursework or work experience in economics or supply chain management is a strong plus.
  • Experience in the fashion or automotive industries is a strong plus. 
  • Strong support for MII’s philosophy and mission.

We want the best people and we don’t want biases holding us back. We strongly encourage people of every color, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability to apply. Because we value a diverse workplace, we prioritize an inclusive climate absent of discrimination and harassment during the application process and after you join the team.

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