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Art Director / Senior Designer

Wanted: self-starting, butt-kicking Art Director / Senior Designer capable of working remotely for a small digital business and wearing many (many!) hats.

CardioCast's goal is to help people get fit and stay fit by making high-quality guided workouts accessible and affordable. Check us out on the App Store [1] and our website [2].

We're seeking an art director and designer who can work across all areas of the business and brand. They must be comfortable working remotely, yet collaboratively, with a small interdisciplinary team.

The ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Has multiple years of experience producing creative work for digital brands
  • Has a demonstrated understanding of as many relevant disciplines as possible, including brand design, mobile app UI/UX, website design, email design, logo design, and social media design, digital advertising design, video editing, etc.
  • Can work independently with only a modest amount of direction
  • Is comfortable setting their own deadlines and sticking to them
  • Wants to move quickly and do many things
  • Is passionate about their work, but not afraid to take critical feedback
  • Is excited to own and build something
  • Is not afraid to take risks

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk!

-Team CardioCast


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