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Head Of Growth Marketing

Can you take a 7 figure business to 8 figures?

A Quick Intro To Charisma On Command

Our company was founded on the belief that a key ingredient for a happy life is having high quality relationships. Charisma On Command's mission is to help people to be more confident and charismatic, so they can form amazing relationships with their friends, family, significant other, colleagues, and themselves.

We have a Youtube channel with 4M subscribers and 100M views annually, scaled 100% organically (no paid media, no bots or fake followers, not even affiliate deals or collaborations with other YouTube channels).

We also have two paid online programs that clients regularly describe as life-changing.

My business partner Charlie and I recently realized that we’ve become the bottleneck in the business, and that with a brilliant Head of Growth / Director of Marketing to lead the way we could grow twice as quickly.

The base salary for this position will be $150,000, plus performance incentives up to a total compensation package of $300,000. These are not meant to be stretch goals, the goal is to pay this person $300,000 a year.

You will be a crucial part of Charisma On Command's future, in charge of helping us to reach more people and to convert more people into clients.

If you're the right person for the job, I believe you can 2-4x the business in the next 2 years.


We have several big goals we want your help to accomplish in the coming years:

Scaling Charisma On Command

We've already been seen by over 300M people but we still meet people who believe they are stuck with their lack of confidence and charisma. We want your help making Charisma On Command bigger and better, so that everyone who feels held back in those areas has found our YT channel and joined our programs Charisma University and Emotional Mastery.

Modeling Thoughtful Conversation

Too often we blame "the other side" for the world's ills. We want our podcast to use current events to teach about the importance of bipartisan open mindedness and critical thinking, as well as personal responsibility. We hope this podcast helps guide people to carrying themselves in a way that benefits the world. While relatively small now, we think with your help this podcast can make a big impact in the coming years.

Pioneering Psychedelic-assisted Self Improvement

We're interested in being on the forefront of psychedelic use for self improvement and improving mental health. As legalization continues to push forward, we want to help get the right therapies safely into the hands of the people who can benefit from them.

For the first year, you will spend almost all of your time scaling the core video course business. As these other initiatives get further along we'll work together to determine if your role is fully focused on Charisma On Command or if it's spread amongst the three.


  • Loves the idea of helping people and helping to grow a business with a mission. You'll be impacting people all around the globe – every day we receive dozens of messages from fans saying we’ve helped change their lives for the better

  • Gets excited by the challenge of finding new and innovative ways to grow. You'll be the marketing thought leader in the organization

  • Genuinely wants to own their work. You'll be completely in control of executing your projects, and your success or failure will be undeniable based on the results you achieve

  • Wants to control their own schedule. No one is going to micromanage you, you'll have the freedom to work when you want and from wherever you want. You won't be evaluated based on hours or effort, but based on people reached and profit generated

  • Is motivated by big goals. As you'll see below, you'll have a very important role in the business and will be expected to make a big positive impact

If this sounds like you, we've got the perfect job.


After training and on-boarding is complete, you'll be in charge of the growth of Charisma On Command. 

At a high level, you'll have one main goals for 2021:

  • Increase take home profit by 100% or more in a sustainable way, with significantly less founder time spent on content creation and digital marketing

(For context, from 2018 to 2019, we grew profit 150%. While profit is still growing, we're on pace to grow 20-30% in 2020.)

There are a lot of ways you can achieve this goal. This may include:

  • Optimizing the existing video library to organically get more views on old videos
  • Leading our first foray into paid media (at a profitable ROI)
  • Building out a team to produce YouTube content without needing Charlie or I (this could include a copywriter for titles or thumbnails, a thumbnail designer, someone to gather clips for react videos, a script writer for breakdowns, etc.)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Getting our existing content onto new platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.)
  • Improving the conversion rate from our YouTube videos to our courses
  • Improving the conversion rate for our sales pages and carts
  • Email marketing (not an important part of our business at the moment)
  • Improved cross-selling amongst our programs
  • Creating new revenue streams


You've probably seen the scammy nature of most internet marketing.

Fake scarcity, pretending a recorded webinar is live, providing exit pop-up discounts, overpromising in ad copy, action based guarantees that trap unhappy clients, and many other tactics that involve bending the truth or leaving people dissatisfied.

If this type of marketing bothers you, then you are not alone!

At Charisma On Command, our top priority isn't money, we first prioritize honesty and doing right by our customers. Our goal is fully transparent marketing, meaning that someone could understand every facet of our marketing and never feel tricked or misled.

This means our Head Of Growth Marketing won't be able to rely on tricks. You'll need a deep understanding of human psychology, so that you can innovate to find honest, creative ways to get people excited to join our programs.

That's the philosophy that's gotten us 300,000,000 organic YouTube views and we want to see you use it to take our business's marketing to the next level.


We're a completely remote organization and everyone here is passionate about Charisma On Command.

This means you'll have the freedom to schedule your day however you like.  

For example: If your child has a soccer game at 3pm on a weekday, you'll have the freedom to schedule yourself to make it. 

It also means you may need to answer texts or occasionally hop on a quick phone call beyond the traditional Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm hours.

Ultimately this job won't be evaluated based on hours worked. You will only be evaluated on how well you ethically and sustainably grow the profits of the business.

In terms of location, we're a remote team based in the US so you can live anywhere in the United States.


The right person for the job has the following work experience:

  • 8+ years of experience in internet marketing
  • A track record of growing 7 figure business lines into 8 figure business lines (either by yourself or with a team you directly managed)
  • Broad marketing experience, including copywriting, funnel design, paid media, etc. You should be able to do this work yourself, or assess and hire for any of those roles. For example, it should be very easy for you to identify great ad copy vs. good ad copy.
  • A strong track record of hiring and developing talent. Can build and manage a team of A players
  • Managed successful conversion rate optimization projects (ideally on both a funnel and a sales page). This includes finding the talent to execute on the project and project managing it, and/or a track record of success improving conversion rates on your own

The right person for the job has the following work qualities:

  • Fantastic attention to detail and organization (you self identify as a perfectionist)
  • An incredible work ethic above and beyond your peers. You should genuinely enjoy work and to some extent you'll want to think about work 7 days a week 
  • The ability to self direct, to take a high level vision and execute on it to make it a reality. Simply put, you get things done
  • A habit of overdelivering 
  • Strong written communication skills
  • A track record of being honest even when it’s uncomfortable - in our team, breaking this rule is the fastest way to be let go

This job is great for someone who spends their free time reading about and thinking about business.  Problem solving, marketing, and growing Charisma On Command should EXCITE you.

If work is just a way to pay the bills, you’re not a good fit for this position.


If you have a near-term desire to start your own business, this position is NOT for you.

We’re planning to invest a lot of time into building a great work relationship with you AND planning to give you a lot of responsibility.

In return, we expect that you will work full-time for Charisma On Command for at least 2 years. Hopefully more.

Ideally you’ll love the organization, love the role, create massive value for the company, and be a major part of Charisma On Command’s future.

If that’s exciting to you and you think you're a fit for the role, please apply below.

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