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Communications Specialist

Compassion & Choices is seeking a Communications Specialist to help advance our medical outreach and education efforts across the country.

This position is primarily responsible for providing a variety of communications support for Compassion & Choices’ Marketing & Communication team. Responsibilities may include monitoring internal documents and resources; media accounts (including maintaining the monitoring of the media, conducting relevant research, coordinating elements of production for owned media, writing, editing, and conducting media relations, and supporting web updates), and general team support, filling in where needed. 

This is a full-time, remotely-located, paid position reporting to the National Marketing & Communications Director. Compensation offered will be commensurate with experience. 

This position will primarily be responsible for:

  • Acting as the team's “document specialist,” guiding revisions as needed and ensuring materials are up to date, accurate, and appropriately posted and distributed
  • Maintaining the Intranet page including reviewing and posting submissions for the Compassion & Choices main announcements page
  • Producing and managing internal communications
  • Proofing/copy editing/messaging checks for articles for the magazine, online blogs, brochures, newsletter and website content, etc., and assessing further writing opportunities as guided by the media team  
  • Providing in-office tech support (partnering with IT), setting up team meetings and general admin tasks as needed.

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