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Values and Strategic Planning Consultant

About T1International

T1International is a non-profit run by people with and impacted by type 1 diabetes (T1D) for people with type 1 diabetes. We do not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry or any medical device manufacturer to maintain our independence and ability to speak out freely. Our small but mighty organization is leading a global movement in the fight for affordable insulin and supplies worldwide. We believe in a world where everyone with type 1 diabetes has the opportunity to thrive, with affordable and sustainable access to the medicine and supplies they need. 

T1International was founded in the UK in 2013 and became a registered 501(c)(3) at the end of 2019. Today T1International has six team members in the US and three in the UK, including 1 Fundraising Consultant and 2 PT positions. For the first five years of the organization, T1International was purely volunteer-led, with an active working Board, volunteer Executive Director, and a cohort of local and international volunteers promoting #insulin4all campaigns. In 2018, the Executive Director took a salary for the first time and hired a US consultant to help manage the US Chapters. In 2019, T1International secured a significant, multi-year grant to open a US office and hire multiple employees. This means that as 2020 closes, we have an almost entirely new team filling new positions and a Board that is just starting to move from a working Board to a governing one. We are looking for a consultant or series of consultants to help us move through this period of transition (staffing, programming supporters, volunteers and board) in a cohesive manner that stays true to our grassroots beginnings and reflects our growing responsibilities.

Patient-Centered Work

T1International was founded by a person with type 1 diabetes as a space to be held by and for people with T1D. In growing, though, we have ended up with a team and Board that is primarily not T1D patients (though many are caregivers, parents, or partners to patients). We also have a team that is primarily white while trying to build and grow an anti-racist organization.

One of the fundamental questions that we are trying to figure out as a team is how to balance our desire to be patient-centered and our desire to build racial equity into our practices, including how we factor prioritizing hiring (for staff or vendors) patients alongside hiring  BIPOC individuals, how to create policies and practices that elevate both needs, and how to be able to (and know when to) focus on one without losing the other. This is one of the core points we wish to discuss with both the staff and Board.

Project Overview

This project will be up to three separate yet interconnected pieces; different sections may be divided between different consultants as applicable. Please note that because the team is in different time zones, group sessions can only occur in half-days (morning PT or mid-morning ET).

Part 1: Values

T1International has a set of values that were created by the current board and founding staff of two. Now that our team has grown, there have been some questions as to how to put these values into action, especially within the context of personnel policies, financial management, and strategic planning. We would like a facilitator to provide two half-day trainings in mid to late October to help our team refine the current values and create internal definitions of what they mean in practice. 

Part 2: Programmatic/Strategic Planning

Once the values have been agreed upon, we will need to create a programmatic and strategic plan for the next 18 months to 24 months of the organization. The strategy should lead us through this transition phase and have us on secure footing as this first round of seed funding ends and we develop a cohesive team, strong programming, and a stable budget. We would like a facilitator to provide a maximum of four half-day sessions in early to mid November to create the plan with the team and submit a final product by the end of the month.

Part 3: Board Development

As the Board moves from working to governing, we would like a facilitator to meet with the Board to identify the new goals and vision for how the Board should function, set clear expectations and guidelines for when and how the the Board and team should interact, plan for Board growth, and provide some guidance as to how the Board can begin thinking about fundraising as an integral part of their service.

Project Goals & Deliverables

Part 1: Values

We want to leave with finalized clear, practicable values that can be shared with the team, volunteers, and Board, including internal definitions that can be referred to when Leadership and/or team members have questions about how they are implemented in various scenarios.

Part 2: Programmatic/Strategic Planning

18-24 month strategic plan that defines: 

  • Programmatic goals and expectations;
  • Fundraising goals and expectations (including by whom and when);
  • Plans for team growth (as needed);
  • Plans for partnership growth (as needed);
  • How and when volunteers will be included in programmatic and strategic decision-making.

Part 3: Board Development

  • 6 month plan for how and when the Board will grow, as well as clearly articulated roles and responsibilities for each member in meeting those goals;
  • Identification of key actions the Board will be expected to manage and how that will occur;
  • At least one session on Board fundraising.

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