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About California Volunteers:

California Volunteers, Office of the Governor is the state office tasked with engaging Californians in service, volunteering and civic action to tackle our state’s most pressing challenges while lifting up all communities.

From the California Climate Action Corps, the country’s first statewide climate corps program, to the #CaliforniansForAll service initiative launched in response to COVID-19 to establish a volunteer corps to support the state’s response to emergencies and disasters, California Volunteers plays an integral role in tackling the state’s problems.

Led by the state’s Chief Service Officer, Josh Fryday, California Volunteers is supported by a bipartisan 25-member Commission and a team of experts driven by a mission to empower and mobilize all Californians to volunteer and serve in their communities.

Position Description:

Under the leadership of the Deputy Director of AmeriCorps, the Training and Technical Assistance Manager has the responsibility to assess and address training and technical assistance (TTA) needs of AmeriCorps grantees and CV staff to increase program capacity and effectiveness. Key responsibilities include identifying training and technical assistance needs, developing a comprehensive annual TTA plan to support grantees and CV staff, facilitating the delivery of training opportunities, creating a TTA system and resources, and managing a portfolio of grantees to ensure grant compliance and effective programming.


70%   Training and Technical Assistance Delivery

·        Assess AmeriCorps grantee training and technical assistance (TTA) needs in partnership with CV staff and grantees to ensure delivery of effective high-quality training and technical assistance to grantees;

·        Develop a comprehensive annual training plan for AmeriCorps grantees at various program development stages that ensures quality and alignment with CV’s strategic objectives;

·        Develop a system to deliver training to AmeriCorps programs including on-going needs assessment, identifying high quality training resources and providers, and organizing effective methods, venues, vehicles for successful learning;

·        Oversee development and review of training content for all CV TTA, including any regional and statewide trainings and contracted TTA project;

·        Create and maintain up to date training resources and tools to aid CV and grantee staff in effective AmeriCorps grant management;

·        Coordinate and collaborate with CV staff in the development of appropriate training materials and/or events as needed;

·        Develop and maintain a master calendar and other methods of communication to connect programs to training opportunities;

·        Participate on external TTA opportunities to help shape content for California AmeriCorps State programs;

·        Facilitate knowledge sharing among CV and grantee staff in a variety of program areas, including high quality performance measures, data collection, reporting, evaluation, and exceptional service experience;

·        Assist in training and developing training resources for new CV staff; and

·        Develop and maintain relationships with a wide variety of program area expertise/resources, including CNCS contracted TA providers.

25%   AmeriCorps Portfolio Development and Management

·        Manage and monitor a portfolio of AmeriCorps grantees to ensure grantee compliance and accountability with all applicable state and federal laws, rules, regulations, and contract provisions; progress towards performance measures; continuous improvement; and determine future funding eligibility;

·        Maintain knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations and grant terms and conditions that govern AmeriCorps grants;

·        Implement CV AmeriCorps policies and procedures including contracting, check-in calls, member file and desk review, site visit protocols, performance ranking criteria, reporting and documentation systems;

·        Monitor the progress of each program and assist/coach assigned programs to success;

·        Complete grantee performance review and assessment, providing relevant information to programs, CV management, federal agencies, Commissioners, and other stakeholders, as needed;

·        Meet regularly with fiscal staff on issues related to grant status and subgrantee monitoring

·        Link programs to encourage mentoring, peer coaching and the exchange of best practices and resources;

·        Identify technical assistance and training needs for all assigned programs; provide or broker the needed assistance;

·        Participate in AmeriCorps grant application review, including providing written recommendations to inform funding decision-making;

·        Review and verify accuracy of grantee AmeriCorps program design and application prior to contracting;

·        Attend regional and national meetings as requested;

·        Prepare program communications/findings (written and verbal);

·        Manage phone calls and letters of inquiry from assigned programs/regions;

·        Develop detailed letters, memos, and forms for support of and feedback on program progress and performance; and

·        Other duties as assigned.

5%     Grant Review and Other Duties as Assigned

·        Participate in the review process of grant applications for new and current grantees as needed, including providing written recommendations to inform funding decision-making;

·        Complete and incorporate grantee performance review and assessment into grant review; and

·        Prepare written feedback on the quality of applications reviewed.

·        Collaborate with other department staff to help amplify and elevate service as needed


-      Prior AmeriCorps grant management or equivalent program development experience

-      Bachelor’s degree

-      Analytical skills

-      Experience developing training curricula

-      Experience delivering training to various audiences                                                          

-      National service program experience

-      Strong written and oral communications skills

-      Ability to work an irregular often demanding schedule with occasional travel

-      Ability to manage multiple projects at one time, particularly those that are high-profile and time-sensitive Computer literate


This position's location is not limited to Sacramento, California. California Volunteers' office is located in Sacramento. However, California Volunteers will accommodate applicants who wish to work remotely temporarily as a result of COVID-19, or permanently. Therefore, California Volunteers will consider applicants throughout the state who are interested in this position.

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