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Public Relations Intern

Womxn's Intuition, a Black & women of color (BlWOC) owned wellness company, who uses nutrition as a tool to promote healthy lifestyles and provide support to BlWOC. Our mission is to resourcefully provide wellness, financial, and career assistance to our Black & brown women. Here at Womxn's Intuition we pride ourselves on affordability and sustainability. We're here to make health and nutrition easy, affordable, and understandable. We always stand by the love for our BlPOC women.

Womxn's Intution sells meal guides catered to diseases that only affect women. Our guides beakdown anatomy, nutrition, and the effects food and our bodies have on each other. We're working on diminishing the biased and disproportionate mistreatment of BlWOC in the medical and social communities.

We're looking for a Public Relations intern who can aid us in spreading our message and gaining exposure. Our internship is compensated with college credit. Our internships may last from 6-12 months (they vary per institutions requirement). This is a learning opportunity and a great way to expand your health and marketing knowledge.

We're looking for a candidate that's passionate and has an optimistic outlook on life. We prioritize the health of not only our clients, but also our employees. We want someone who cares about our mission as much as our founder and the rest of the team. No experience required, as this is a learning opportunity. We encourage the youth of our community to apply no matter what background you may have. Please find the position resposiblities below.

  • Monitor all forms of media
  • Schedule and coordinate speaking engagements, appearances, photo shoots, and other special events
  • Write press releases and other materials
  • Screen phone calls
  • Assist with mailings and print production
  • Create interview preparation materials
  • Compile contact lists
  • Search for press clippings

No prior experience required. BlPOC & LGBTQ encouraged to apply. This is a remote internship; international students are welcome to apply.

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