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Graphic & Video Designer


Climate Resolve builds collaborations to champion equitable climate solutions. We connect communities, organizations, and policymakers to address a global problem with local action. We inclusively develop practical initiatives that reduce climate pollution and prepare for climate impacts. Using our collective power to tackle climate change, we are creating a thriving California and inspiring others to act. Our purpose is a just and resilient future.

Climate Resolve staff share one important characteristic in common: a culture of praxis. We’re doers. While idealistic in nature, we are pragmatic in our approach to climate solutions. Climate Resolve recognizes the gravity of the climate crisis and that its effects are profound. We work to avert its impacts, but we also see the opportunity for the climate crisis to inspire profound changes in society that will improve life in our cities and our world.


Position Description

The Graphics & Video Designer (GVD) position reports to the Communications Manager (CM), working in tandem with the CM to execute all visual products across numerous verticals of the organization. The GVD will also collaborate directly with Climate Resolve staff to execute media for various climate-related programs, lending their diverse aesthetic capabilities to each unique project. The GVD will also work with the CM to maintain and periodically update the design and content of the Climate Resolve website, satellite websites, newsletter, and other in-house communications materials. The ideal candidate will bring forth myriad style references, as well as experience in mid-level project coordination (managing up and down), and the capacity for timely and clear communication. 


Leadership & Management

  • Prepare and deliver ongoing progress reports during weekly standing meetings with the Communications Manager
  • Stay abreast of the latest tools and software in order to deliver the best work possible
  • Maintain a degree of flexibility with regard to shifting priorities, based on project-to-project requirements 
  • Be willing to ask for help when needed


  • In collaboration with the Communications Manager, lead the design process across the organization, including production of web, print, and merchandise/swag content
  • Maintain and update the Climate Resolve website and satellite sites (requires basic knowledge of WordPress and Elementor)
  • Gain an understanding of industry norms and trends in order to produce the most effective and persuasive work possible
  • Coordinate work with internal project teams to deliver media content to outside organizations, consultants, and subcontractors in a timely manner
  • On occasion, participate in meetings with external partners in order to better understand desired deliverables 
  • Ideally, be moderately educated about the climate crisis and its implications on a local and regional level


The Graphics & Video Designer will be thoroughly committed to Climate Resolve's mission. All candidates should have proven experience that includes:


  • Minimum 3 years’ combined experience preparing and delivering visual products on behalf of a dedicated organization and/or roster of clients
  • Creative design aesthetic that is clean, sophisticated, innovative, and fun
  • Open and willing to receive feedback; likewise, be willing to contribute one’s opinion on the aesthetic direction of projects
  • Flexibility to switch focus between multiple projects
  • Ability to work with platforms such as Slack and Asana for project organization/implementation
  • Excellent communication skills


  • General HTML updates & basic website development for organizational and satellite sites, requiring basic knowledge of WordPress and Elementor

Graphic Design

  • Proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Production for web, print, and merchandise
  • Web: All graphic content (jpegs, gifs, infographics) for CR website and social media
  • Print: PDF reports, flyers, brochures, posters, one-pagers
  • Merchandise/swag: Accessories and clothing


  • Proficient in video production, direction, and editing skills, geared towards social media distribution

Additional Details

This position is envisioned as 32-40 hrs/week (full-time). Note: Part-time applicants are also welcome to be considered. 

This position is temporarily remote due to stipulations concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. The ideal candidate will be located in the Los Angeles area, though remote applicants will be considered. 

Note: Employees are required to sign a conflict of interest policy, which outlines our ethics and stipulations for outside work with companies, industries, and/or clients that do not support the climate equity mission and vision of Climate Resolve.

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