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Request for Proposals: Organizational Restructuring Consultant Support (Can work remotely)

Mothers Out Front is a member-led climate justice organization. We are mothers,  grandmothers, and other caregivers coming together to make climate change an issue that our  leaders can no longer ignore. We are building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a  swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward a clean and renewable  energy future. 

A. Statement of Purpose 

Mothers Out Front is seeking a consultant (or team of consultants) to help the organization  restructure as it traverses a period of rapid growth from a small, regional advocacy group, to a  national, increasingly diverse organization with a growing number of professional staff. We  would like to ensure through that growth that we are creating a healthy environment for staff  and members; a work culture that strengthens our ongoing efforts to achieve equity and  promotes inclusion, transparency and trust. 

The ideal consultant would have experience working with virtual and national social justice oriented, volunteer-led nonprofits. Preferably, the consultant has worked with organizations  that have undergone similar rapid transitions and are committed to working towards racial,  demographic and geographic diversity. In addition, desired experience would include having  worked with organizations experiencing retention, leadership and/or cultural  challenges. Consultants will actively engage with our current staff and member leaders to  develop a process and timeline to determine our pathway forward. The consultant will serve as  a partner to ensure that we are collaboratively moving forward. 

B. Background Information 

The mission of Mothers Out Front is to build our power as mothers to ensure a livable climate  for all children. We are building a diverse national movement of mothers, grandmothers, and  caregivers dedicated to convincing elected officials, business leaders and citizens to work for a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Mothers Out  Front is committed to using our power as mothers to change the narrative around climate and  energy in our communities. 

Our goal is simple: to enable mothers to take active leadership in climate change work, by  providing the structure, training, support, and tools for them to work together on campaigns in  their communities and at the statewide level. Mothers Out Front is a unique organization as we  aspire to be volunteer-driven while valuing the expertise and talent of our staff. Our volunteer  leaders help us plan our strategy, decide what campaigns their community teams will focus on,  and lead our actions. 

Our Core Values include building power together, creating an inclusive community, working for  justice, and persevering with hope and urgency. We want these values to be truly reflective of  our work inside and out. Founded in 2013, we currently have staff working in eight states and  are a fast-growing organization with plans for future, continued national expansion. Currently,  Mothers Out Front employs 31 full-time staff and has a base of nearly 30,000 supporters,  including 1900 volunteer leaders. 

C. Scope of Work:  

The aim of this initiative is to create a roadmap for change of our organizational structure,  current leadership, membership, staff practices, policies, norms, power structures, trainings,  organizational culture and workflows to help us better understand how we can build a strong  organization to create lasting and impactful change, both internally and externally. This work  includes a focus on laying out specific steps the organization can take to promote racial equity  culture in our daily functions as well as in our external work, how to bridge perspectives and  align roles of staff and membership in an organization where staff has an increasing role and  is diversifying at a much more rapid pace than its current membership .  

Seeking consultant to work with volunteers and staff to create a structure that supports these  overall objectives: 

1. Organizational governance structure that encourages collaboration, accountability and  distributed leadership to become an anti-racist, multicultural grassroots leader in the  climate movement. 

2. Accountability structures that promote transparent team coordination and  collaboration; allowing us to fully realize opportunities both internally and externally

3. Definition of what it means to be member-led 

4. Revised Mission, Vision, Values 

5. Revised Theory of Change 

Specific goals include: 

1. Create a multicultural, anti-racist, inclusive organizational culture.

2. Develop a standard mediation process that includes diverse perspectives and  effectively, and expeditiously, provides a clear path forward.  

3. Develop a culture of trust that promotes respect amongst all ranks within the  organization. 

4. Create a work environment that respects, appreciates and celebrates differences.

5. Reexamine our mission statement and vision to support the understanding that  fighting the climate crisis cannot happen without an anti-racist worldview.

6. Propose structural solutions that create effective communication and  collaboration. 

7. Examine and work with core team to define leadership roles and governing  structures within Mothers Out Front.  

8. Develop a social justice framework to help guide our climate justice work.

9. Build a transparent environment where staff feel safe and are encouraged to  voice opinions. 

10. Develop an objective ladder of advancement by proposing a professional  development process that encourages diversity, staff growth and leadership  within the organization.  

11. Develop a culture where expertise and wisdom of current staff and volunteers is  equally respected, centers diverse voices, and has equitable outcomes that  reflect our collective values. 

D. Expectations: 

Deliver a workplan and timeline for the following phases: 

1. Phase 1: The consultant team will work closely with the Transition Team  to develop criteria for the Core Team (a representational team comprised  of staff and members) to move the process forward. 

2. Phase 2: Create a process that involves a series of working groups and  sessions to support Equity Rationale, and to revisit our Mission, Vision &  Values and Theory of Change. 

3. Phase 3: Create a process to revise the organizational structure needed to  support our work going forward.

4. Phase 4: Serve as a partner to help us strategically move through this  process and make the necessary changes to implement our shared vision. The consultant should build off of recent reports, assessments and staff surveys as well  as notes and other documentation compiled by the Transition Team (consultant selection  team). 

E. Budget 

Please submit a detailed quote commensurate with the reasonable costs to produce, implement  and facilitate the design of the proposed workplan. 

F. Proposals 

Proposals should include:

1. Overview statement introducing your firm and describing your understanding of our needs.

2. A general description of what your approach to this work would look like. 

3. Summary of past projects with clients that reflected similar needs; projects that  addressed DEIJ preferred. Please include contact information for those organizations  whom we can contact as references. 

4. Timeline and schedule of specific benchmarks leading toward completion of each phase. 5. Estimated budget. 

Please also provide in an Appendix: 

1. At least one sample work product from a recent and relevant project, which may  include staff interview questionnaire, recommendations, assessment report, road map,  etc. 

2. Resumes of all consultants who would be involved in the project. 

Contract Details: Questions may be submitted to Veronica Eady at by October 23rd.  

How to Submit a Proposal 

Please submit a single PDF file no later than Friday, October 30th to:

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