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Digital Director

If you've just found this job description, I bet $100 you're thinking, "I wonder what these people mean by Digital Director?" Everyone is trying to hire "digital" staff these days. But what do they mean? If you've read 10 "digital" job descriptions today, you've read 10 different definitions of digital.

So, bottom line up front -- what stands out about this job at The Fairness Project, and why should you apply?

  1. To us, "digital" = creativity. There are a thousand jobs you could take to write fundraising emails or manage member acquisition. But at TFP, we need you to bring creative ideas for deploying a huge range of online tools in service of ballot initiative campaigns around the country. (See below for our strategy.) If you want to experiment and break new ground, talk to us.
  2. We do our politics outside DC. If you sit in that Venn diagram of "cares about progressive change" and "thinks Congress is super dysfunctional," you've found your people. We make real political change -- big change -- using progressive ballot initiatives. It's smart, it flies under the radar, and it delivers wins like health care to 830,000 people, $15.6 billion into working families' pockets, and won economic gains for 15 million Americans.
  3. You'll be a top leader. This role reports directly to the Executive Director, and will have at least two staff and multiple contractors underneath you. You'll be at the strategy table with top talent around the country, making tough calls on pivotal programs.
  4. If you like to win, you'll like it here. We're 18 wins and one loss, and poised to rack up more wins on Nov 3.
  5. We actually enjoy our work. TFP is barely five years old, but in that time we've built a fun, open, motivated team that puts impact above ego and gets s*** done. Make no mistake, the work can be hard. But when you genuinely like each other, and when you win victory after victory together, it's hard not to enjoy your job.
  6. You’re tired of looking for a new gig every cycle. TFP is always on -- running campaigns while building the next set of them. You won't need to move to a new state, look for a new job the second Wednesday in November, or go work for a firm.

If this sounds like a role you could embrace and an organization you'd feel proud to call home, read the details below, or just jump in and apply.

About The Fairness Project

While Congress and state legislatures across the country remain paralyzed by partisan disagreement, ballot initiatives provide a path forward for improving millions of lives. The Fairness Project (“TFP”) incubates, funds, and provides strategic and technical assistance to state and municipal ballot initiative campaigns and drives a national narrative to elevate economic fairness issues. Through ballot initiatives, TFP offers voters the opportunity to do what politicians cannot or will not: take direct action to enact sound economic policy and change their own lives.

This summer, TFP worked with state-based groups on ballot measures to deliver big Medicaid expansion wins in Oklahoma and Missouri. In the 2018 election cycle, TFP helped raise the minimum wage in Missouri, Arkansas, and Massachusetts; provided paid sick leave in San Antonio and Michigan; and expanded Medicaid in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah.

In 2017, TFP was a crucial player in the nation’s first successful ballot campaign to expand Medicaid in Maine. And in 2016, TFP partnered with grassroots organizations in six states on ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage, two of which also guaranteed paid sick and safe leave.

To date, the organization has won 18 of its 19 campaigns, changed more than 15 million lives, delivered health care for 830,000 people, and put more than $15.6 billion in working families’ pockets.

For more information about The Fairness Project, please visit: [1]

About the Position

Reporting to TFP’s Executive Director, the Digital Director will lead strategic planning (including goals, calendars, plan around key milestones, fundraising projections) and day-to-day execution (including managing two staff, reporting/data collection, partnerships) of the organization’s digital program which includes two complementary and equally important streams:

  1. Lead the digital components to win our state and municipal ballot initiative campaigns
  2. Grow our national program of public engagement and online donors

This is an opportunity for an experienced digital operative who wants to lead a digital program as part of a great team with a proven theory of change that has an immediate impact on people’s lives by advancing racial, gender, and economic justice.

The ideal candidate has experience running a digital department or has been a statewide digital director on a political or advocacy campaign. You tackle problems strategically. You've raised real money online. You love to improvise and experiment and to define the cutting-edge. You are curious, and you study the way digital strategy and tactics are used by campaigns, organizations, and corporations. You enjoy the thrill of advocacy or campaign work. And perhaps most importantly, you are passionate about improving people’s lives by changing policies to end inequality in America.

To support our state and municipal campaigns, you will:

  • Manage multiple digital campaigns across multiple channels (website, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc).
  • Grow in-state email lists and social media followings organically and through SEO and acquisition ads.
  • Provide strategic and tactical support to local partners.
  • Manage, train, coach, mentor, and support at least two TFP digital staff in their local campaign work.
  • Oversee development of state partner websites.
  • Oversee digital fundraising for the local campaigns.
  • Oversee digital volunteer recruitment for local campaigns.

To grow our national program of public engagement and online donors, you will:

  • Bring innovative new ideas and channels into TFP’s suite of tools.
  • Grow and maintain TFP’s digital membership list through paid acquisition, partnerships, and a surrogates program.
  • Test and track strategies for membership growth and digital fundraising to optimize our investments.
  • Grow social media following and engagement.
  • Ensure digital content is consistent with TFP’s values and brand.
  • Manage all aspects of the website, and a consistent visual brand for The Fairness Project across multiple channels.
  • Serve as a surrogate for the organization in meetings and speaking engagements.


  • A commitment to TFP’s purpose -- bringing economic justice and real wins to millions of families across the country.
  • Excitement about growing our impact by building a massive online donor program.
  • Experience leading digital programs for political advocacy, electoral, ballot, or issue campaigns.
  • Experience managing direct reports.
  • Success growing, organizing, and activating constituencies online.
  • Ability to maintain your creativity, strategic thinking, and commitment to a high quality of work within tight deadlines while managing multiple projects and understanding that long hours are occasionally required to meet deadlines.
  • Knowledge of digital organizing trends and best practices for communicating via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.
  • Commitment to and experience in advancing racial, gender, economic, and sexual equity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Technical skills, such as familiarity with programs like BSD, NGP, EveryAction, Word Press, ActBlue, Mobilize, or basic HTML/CSS.
  • Experience with SEO and digital ads a plus.

The Fairness Project is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our campaign work reflects these values that fight racial, gender, sexual, and economic inequality. Internally, we seek to build and empower a diverse staff and leadership team. People of color, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. The Fairness Project is an Equal Opportunity Employer without regard to race, color, religion, gender or gender identity, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic as established under law.


TFP is headquartered in DC, but remote candidates are very welcome.


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