remote jobs senior infrastructure engineer - help millions protect what is important to them

Senior Infrastructure Engineer - Help millions protect what is important to them

What will you do?

As an Infrastructure Engineer you will work on the foundations of our technology stack, designing, building and running a platform to underpin our web applications.

Your focus will be on improving the security, availability, scalability and observability of our applications. There's also the opportunity to improve our testing, build processes, delivery pipelines and further automate and simplify everything that we do.

We will look to you to provide technical leadership, champion agile practices, DevOps approaches and work with other team members to translate high level requirements into epics, stories and tasks.

What technology will you use?

We don’t like to be prescriptive on technology, if you think there is a better tool or technology to help you solve a problem. We would love to hear it. Right now, we are relying on:

  • Java 8+ with Spring for our application code

  • Hashicorp tools to help us in creating Cloud Native services

  • ELK to ship, store and visualise our logs

  • Prometheus and New Relic to alert us to issues

  • Jenkins to run our CI/CD pipelines

  • Puppet or Docker for configuration management

  • Terraform or Kubernetes to manage our deployments

  • AWS to underpin it all

We’re currently experimenting with:

  • Ansible

  • CircleCI

  • Gitops

  • ECS

  • Fargate

  • Istio

  • Lambda

How will you work?

Engineers within Group Digital work in small, cross-functional teams of testers, engineers, product owners, business analysts and Scrum masters. The teams use agile methodologies to iteratively create shippable software, using the workflow which works best for their product. Some teams deploy every few days and some are moving to trunk-based development for continuous deployment.

Our engineers currently work on MacBook Pros or developer-grade Dell laptops running Linux or Windows, so that it’s possible to work from anywhere in any of our offices, or from home when necessary.

What is important to us?

Continuous improvement is the driver behind everything we do - we experiment, we measure and we learn to create better products.

Transparency, honesty and collaboration are crucial, as is the willingness to take ownership of our work.

Communication is also vital to maintaining a healthy atmosphere in our teams. Every member of the team needs to be communicative, supportive and approachable. While we all understand the importance of having quiet, uninterrupted time, your responsibility to your team includes more than just writing code.

Simply, if you’re someone who tries to do the right thing as well as you can and helps your colleagues to do the same, you’ll fit right in.


Whatever your role, Legal & General rewards ability, performance and attitude with a package that looks after things that matter to you.

Our employees have a wide range of benefits including:

  • A generous pension scheme

  • Life assurance

  • 27 holiday days

  • Private medical insurance

  • Performance related bonuses

  • A variety of share schemes

  • Discounts on high street and our own great products

Your hard work will be rewarded when you join us.

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